Just Joshing


Welcome to the part where I announce my podcast!

Just Joshing has been airing for three months as of this writing.   It has grown very quickly on podomatic and in the next few weeks I will be downloading the first twelve episodes on the podcast, as well as adding new episodes.

For the moment, the content is very short and sweet.  Stay tuned in the next few days as I upload episodes and complete the merger of podcast and blog.

Until then, listen current episodes of Just Joshing at http://jpantalleresco.podomatic.com.

The archives of the show can be found here for now:


Scott Burtness is my first guest.  We talk about Wisconsin Vamp, and why he is nine kinds of awesome.

Florence Chan is the illustrator to the Watcher and Stormdancer.  We talk about her and the books.  Take a listen!

Jane McLachlan talks about her series the Occasional Diamond Thief.  I enjoyed talking to Jane and hope to have her on the show again.



More archives will be available here and the past Just Joshing episodes as new ones get released.

Thank you.  Stay inspired out there.

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