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In short, I write stuff, I podcast, and I do some editing on the side. I am a freelancer and I want you to hire me.


I write books. I currently have five out. Some are traditional, some are independent, but all of them are great. I accidentally wrote and got published in 2014. I had a vision of the slave boy in a tower wondering what was out there, and started writing. I thought it would just be a longer poem, but in the end it became a book. I got Florence Chan to do some pictures and I had a book. Cool. My initial plan was to just publish this on Smashwords. It turns out though that someone I interviewed, took a shine. Her name was Justine and she has this great publishing house called Mirror World Publishing. I ended up publishing not just The Watcher, but also, Stormdancer and The Wandering God.

After the pandemic started I started publishing some books on my own. In 2020, I published my first sci fi Novel The Cloud Diver. I followed that up with another poetry series, mashing up Alice in Wonderland with Greek Mythology. The first book Alice Zero, is nominated for the Elgin Award for a chapbook.

In addition, I freelance. I have been published in Writer’s Weekly, Anime Herald, First Comics News, Author Magazine, and more. I still am writing articles to this day.

In addition to writing, I do a podcast, visually on Twitch and my audio is available on any app. I interview authors and other creatives. My podcast Just Joshing is a 2018 Aurora Award winning show and was nominated in 2019 and 2020. There are currently six hundred plus episodes and counting with the show. The archives are here, and you can watch it live on twitch.

Episode 654: Just Joshing Episode 654: Drink and Draw with Rae Hope Pantalleresco Part 2 Just Joshing

#interviews #illustrations #writingcommunity #booktubeIn the conclusion to my drink and draw with Rae Hope Pantalleresco, we talk about regret, learning from experiences, taking chances, and draw stuff. I manage to draw skulls. I always enjoy my chats with my sister, and I'm proud of her and who she's become. Listen to this and find out why.SponsorsPD Alleva Golem – Someone's creation can truly be the path of destruction. The devil is the details.PD Alleva's latest release, Golem is live now. Click the link to pick up this excellent horror novel. Jenna Greene and Wiggers the Well Dressed Wombat – check out Jenna Greene's Picture book releasing November 8th and get some great fashion advice from a wombat. Visit her page for more detailsRoadkill Rampage #2 – Evil runs deep in this forest as Tess finds a stray dog and explores the sinister secrets of the men she meets. This kickstarter courtesy of Hazzum Productions starts Oct. 20th. Click on the link to follow.Rae Hope Pantalleresco:Photography InstagramArt InstagramMy Stuff:Books:Alice ZeroThe Cloud DiverSupport And Subscribe:Buy my MerchBuy Me A CoffeeNewsletterPatreonTwitchYoutube
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Alice Zero
Just Joshing Media
Sept, 2020

The Cloud Diver
Just Joshing Media
May, 2020

The Watcher
Mirror World Publishing
May, 2014


Joshua is available for writing, editing or podcasting. If you want to chat about work or have a question, feel free to contact me on social media. My social links are below.

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