Advertising Services

Your work needs to touch the hearts of your audience.

Advertising is a necessity of every business, artistic or otherwise. Marketing your project helps creatives reach their target audiences. The right marketing material is the difference between a sale and a customer being aware you’re out there. Marketing is not something people are comfortable doing. Selling yourself is an awkward thing to attempt or to do well.

So let me do it for you.

As the host of the Aurora Award Winning Podcast Just Joshing, I’m an expert in discovering what makes people and projects amazing. Whether you want me to create a video for your book, your kickstarter, your company, or yourself, whatever your needs are, I can help you tell your best story about how awesome your work really is.

As a part of the services , all the ads I create will not only be useful for your social platforms, I’ll be sharing all the material on my own platforms. Just Joshing is listened to by thousands of people on a monthly basis from all over the world. The materials I create will not only be shared there, but on my youtube, twitch, tiktok and instagram platforms as well.

I love the visuals of this

Audio Ad – Want a thirty second ad on my podcast? For one month my voice will advertise your work. $100

Just a Video/Commercial – want a book trailer or kickstarter video? This concept is for you. Starting at $150.

10 Pieces of Content – 1 commercial or book trailer, two video micro ads from our interview (each in two different formats), 2 graphic ads and 1 piece of blog/newsletter content, and an audio ad for the podcast. Starting at $400.

20 Pieces of Content – 2 commercials or book trailers, 4 video micro ads (each in two different formats) 4 graphics, 2 blogs/newsletter posts, and 2 audio ads (6 weeks on podcast) Starting at $700.

30 Pieces of Content – 3 commercials or book trailers, 7 video microads (each in two different formats), 6 graphics, 2 blog/newsletter posts, 2 audio ads (8 weeks on podcast) starting at $1000.

Custom – These packages not quite what you’re looking for? No problem. I can do a custom package built to your specific needs. Contact me at for a free 15 minute consultation, and we can find out what works best for you.

Let me help you release your creative vision to the world. You deserve to tell your story, and I can get it out there.

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