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What’s the best part of being creative? It’s the stories we tell, and the experiences we create. So why don’t we like talking about ourselves? Our creations?

It’s awkward. It’s vain. It feels pushy, or pretentious.

We would rather spend our time creating something for our audiences. Our work can speak for itself!

Because of these feelings, we take a haphazard and sporadic approach to telling other people about who we are, and what we create. Instead of experiencing the wonders of our work, it comes off feeling fake, and disingenuous.

Thanks to my podcast, Just Joshing, I have the extraordinary opportunity to speak with and learn from hundreds of creatives – and share it with my listeners. From people just starting out to legends in their fields. From heavy metal bands to New York Times best selling authors, I get to share in these experiences.

I believe in authenticity. Getting down to revealing your best self. I do Just Joshing because I love to showcase people. Their work. Help them find the best way to share who they are, and their creativity.

Through Creative Visions I can help you tell you tell your story.

We start with an interview where I can get a good sense of who you are, and what you need – no out of the box promotions here. We will take clips from the interviews, original media, and build on your creative output so your future fans can discover your authentic self, and their next favorite book, comic, band, or artist.

We will do a series of micro-ads targeted for the platforms where your fans, your customers are: Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, Snapchat, and more.

I love Kat’s Attitude

Are you ready to go a step further? We can develop a custom package of images, text, audio, and video that you can use everywhere in the digital world – websites, blogs, social media, digital ads. All done for you.

Not only do you have content to share, but we will do it with you on our platforms, through our social media, and even feature you on Just Joshing. Hundreds of people watch every week, and thousands more listen in.

You don’t have to do this alone. Partner with Creative Visions and together you’ll be better able promote yourself, and have the tools to do it.

I love the visuals of this
Had fun with this one


Just a Video Please

Want me to make a video for you? Not a problem. Now this will not include anything else underneath, but I can make you an ad just like either of these, or a book trailer or a kickstarter video if that’s your thing. Now it’ll only be the video and it’ll be just for the format and social medium you are looking for. I won’t advertise it anywhere. But sometimes you only need just one thing. The lower price is for something along the lines of the Always Learning Ad. If you want an ad like it’ll be $250.

Price: $150 or $250

Ten Pieces of Content $400 (Half down, half on completion/deadline)

  • Includes a special video
  • 3 content micro videos for both PC and mobile platforms (tiktok, instagram)
  • 2 audio files
  • customizable written/graphic content (1:1 ratio)
  • Access to podcast/my other platforms

25 Pieces of Content $700 (Half down, half on completion/deadline)

  • 2 Special Commercials
  • 10 video microcontent pieces
  • 10 audio files
  • written/graphic content
  • Access to podcast/my other platforms

Expect 5 business days to complete any and all jobs. If you need them faster, you will pay more. Also, I will not be running any of your platforms to advertise for you. Ever. I will give you advice, and give you some suggestions on how to use the content, but I will not run your platforms or do your kickstarter campaigns.

If interested, contact me at mailto:

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