Making Volume – Moving into 2015

I’m going to try and avoid the reflective bit this year.  It’s been a while since I had a new blog and I wanted to talk a little bit about the reasons why.  One of them is that this month the day job was extra busy and I took the opportunity to do some thingsContinue reading “Making Volume – Moving into 2015”

The Watcher is here…now

So yeah, this is out now. There is nothing quite like seeing your own book come to you in the mail.   It looks better in person than in this image does justice.  I really want to take the opportunity to thank Florence Chan as much as possible.  She is responsible for the look and feelContinue reading “The Watcher is here…now”

Interviews within Interviews on the Edge with Brian Hades

I came into the interview expecting Brian to be interviewed about his publishing company Edge.  After talking a bit about publishing with Simon Rose a few weeks back, I thought that I’d get some information from one of Canada’s most premier publishers.  Edge Publishing produces some of the highest quality science fiction and fantasy inContinue reading “Interviews within Interviews on the Edge with Brian Hades”

Talking the Many Worlds of Barry Reese

I feel like I’m moving up in the world.  Lately the blog has been getting more well known and talented people showing up here.  I confess to nerves getting to talk with Barry Reese.  He has become an accomplished writer in his own right, creating the worlds of Lazarus Grey, Gravediggers and  The Rook. TheContinue reading “Talking the Many Worlds of Barry Reese”

To Opa, it’s the bottom of the ninth and tigers are winning, one last time…

I’m writing this at nearly midnight Monday January 27th, in Calgary Alberta, waiting for a phone call I know will signal the end of my grandfather’s life in Windsor Ontario.  This morning I received a phone call that my grandfather had a stroke.  I had no idea of the severity at the time, and wouldn’tContinue reading “To Opa, it’s the bottom of the ninth and tigers are winning, one last time…”