Once Upon A Time There was a Family of Kids Who Lived Happily Ever After

Part 1 of this blog can be read here. Part 2 can be read here.  I suggest you do that before you continue. Once upon a time there was a poet who wrote two epic poems.   Both of them by accident, both of them by magic.  Once upon a time the poet realized thatContinue reading “Once Upon A Time There was a Family of Kids Who Lived Happily Ever After”

Once Upon A Time there were a Family of Kids

So, the first book is done.  If you want to read the journey, click here for part 1. Once upon a time I wrote a really good book.  I’m very proud of the Watcher.  But where do I go from there? Once upon a time I dreaded the idea of doing a sequel to this.Continue reading “Once Upon A Time there were a Family of Kids”

Once Upon A Time

Sometimes the path comes to you by accident. Good journey’s start with once upon a time.  So let’s go there. Once upon a time I read this book right here.  It’s a neat book.  It was an epic poem that retold the story of Jesus, Paul and the book of Revelation. It’s pretty good, very imaginative, andContinue reading “Once Upon A Time”

You Got To Want It

I can hear the groan in many a philosopher friend of mine reading this title.  “ANOTHER preachy thing about wanting something really really bad to succeed?”  Well, yeah, kind of.  But I promise a really personal slant about this.  an email just now and really thought about something.  What is the difference between someone thatContinue reading “You Got To Want It”

You Belong

Mackenzi Fisk.  EC Bell.  Chris Marrs.  Craig Dilouie.  Robert J. Sawyer.  Michell Plested.  Lisa Shore. And Joshua Pantalleresco. Pretty cool huh? Before I continue, I want to take a quick moment to thank Stacey O’Sullivan  for the photograph.  She was nice enough to let me use this picture for the blog.  So Stace, thank you.Continue reading “You Belong”

Be Yourself

I am writing this because I can no longer count how many times that I get please buy/follow/connect or whatever adjective you’d like to describe in order to get me to buy a  book from an author on twitter.   Don’t get me wrong;  social media can be, and should be, a tool.  We areContinue reading “Be Yourself”

End of NanoWrimo

I don’t have anything magical planned or excuses to make.  I’m behind on the nanowrimo deal.  It always seems that i have things going on in November.  I’m moving, I have a day job, my podcast seems to be slowly rising in the podomatic rankings, and it’s been just a lot of time and energyContinue reading “End of NanoWrimo”