Alice Zero

Alice Zero is my first foray into independently publishing epic poetry. This book all started with Colleen Anderson (it’s her fault! 🙂 ) who requested I write an epic poem for a Lewis Carroll inspired anthology. I was stumped. What was I going to say about Carroll that hadn’t already been said by someone else?

One night at a bar I met a girl with a gorgon tattoo. Her name was Heather and she was a gifted artist, and cute. Even though she played for the other team, I formed a good friendship with her and promised her that I’d include her in the story. That is where the image of medusa came into mind, and from there, the whole story evolved in my head.

Alice in Wonderland as greek mythology. Wow. That would be a lot of fun to write. So I did, and I had a blast. Re-imagining all of Carroll’s characters as greek counterparts was incredible. Alice is Pandora of course. Curiosity drives them both and leads them both to disaster.

I decided to continue on the paths I learned at Mirror World Publishing and invoke a talented artist to illustrate some cool stuff. Kenzie Carr and I had been talking for a bit, and it turns out she’s an amazing illustrator. So we worked on it together, and she made the story better.

This is a small sample of things to come. Alice Zero is book point five of a three act trilogy. It’s small, but it’s a taste of things to come. If you like what I did with the Watcher, you will love what I do here. I’m proud of this and I hope you check it out.

Order here:

If you do order it, could I ask you a favor? Leave a review. Whether it’s on Amazon or Goodreads. It helps me and it helps Kenzie out.

Thanks all, and remember, hope has a cheshire grin :).

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