Updates and the Art of the Interview

So I’ve done more and less than I planned to so far this year. First things first, I started a Wrestling column on the Wrestling Glory Days webpage on facebook.   You can read it here.   My first column focused on the Jake the Snake/Rick Rude rivalry and the Vader/Cactus Jack feud.  Wrestling mayContinue reading “Updates and the Art of the Interview”

Man out to Sea with Nick Haywood

I feel bad about this interview from my end for a number of reasons. First off, I kept thinking this movie was called Old Man at Sea for some strange reason. I kept thinking maybe a little too hard of Moby Dick when Nick described his film to me. Or maybe I’m just silly. InContinue reading “Man out to Sea with Nick Haywood”

On Dreams, Film and Possibility with Dylan Howard

If I were to describe Dylan Howard in a word it would be passion. I met Dylan Howard a little over a year ago while being part of the film crew for Benjamin Hayden’s Agophobia.  Dylan is from Maine, and he flew out to Calgary to film this with pretty much nothing more than aContinue reading “On Dreams, Film and Possibility with Dylan Howard”

Big Honors and some new pretty things to look at.

First thing’s first:   I wrote a review of Peter Cannon Thunderbolt for all pulp.  Click on the link  here for more.  Am trying to get an interview with the creative team for the series.   As is, last night I got an idea for my own pulp style series. That’s for another time.  IContinue reading “Big Honors and some new pretty things to look at.”

Chatting About Elvatron with Andy Bohn

Alrighty, now it’s been a few weeks since I’ve been at the Phoenix con, so it’s time I start putting up some videos.  So here’s the first one with Andy Bohn.   Andy is one of the nicest guys I’ve had the privilege to talk to.  So while you are reading that, I figure I alsoContinue reading “Chatting About Elvatron with Andy Bohn”

Phoenix Con – Reflections and Directions

I’m sitting on a seat at the Phoenix Airport, waiting to board my flight back to Calgary.  I needed this trip for a lot of reasons.  I needed to hit another con as a (semi) professional.  I wasn’t there so much to sell comics (but I did a bit) I was there to meet upContinue reading “Phoenix Con – Reflections and Directions”