The Storm is Here

It’s time. I’ve been rumbling and thundering hints with the hashtag #thestormishere.  I’ve done a couple of interviews about it, including this one by my publisher, Mirror World Publishing, which you can click here to read, but what is the storm I’m talking about? After a year of waiting, and months of planning, almost allContinue reading “The Storm is Here”

Five Questions with Sharon Ledwith

So this is Part one of a two part crossover.  I arranged to interview Sharon to do a multi blog epic interview where we each take turns interviewing the other.  My life became a touch insane so this has taken longer to start with than anticipated.  That said, upon conversation I discovered something very important.Continue reading “Five Questions with Sharon Ledwith”

A Conversation with Aviva Bel’Harold

It’s about time I have Aviva on the blog.  We’ve talked about her being interviewed here forever.   Aviva has had a lot of success.  Her novel, Blood Matters has just been re-released thanks to Edge publishing.  Aviva is an independent author that has worked her way up into the ranks and is gradually makingContinue reading “A Conversation with Aviva Bel’Harold”

Catching Up With Martheus Wade

I have never met Martheus Wade in person, but wish to change that soon.  The last time I interviewed him, we were talking about his Toshigawa series, which lead to us talking about fate and free will.  It was an interview I enjoyed and Martheus was someone I wanted to interview again at some pointContinue reading “Catching Up With Martheus Wade”

The Watcher is here…now

So yeah, this is out now. There is nothing quite like seeing your own book come to you in the mail.   It looks better in person than in this image does justice.  I really want to take the opportunity to thank Florence Chan as much as possible.  She is responsible for the look and feelContinue reading “The Watcher is here…now”

Simon Rose Part 1: Influences

I really looked forward to talking to Simon Rose since I met him at Calgary Comic Con. He was pleasant, quick witted, and a very charming, engaging dude. He agreed to an interview and made arrangements. Simon is a multi talented dude – he writes, he teaches, and he works on summer camps with kids,Continue reading “Simon Rose Part 1: Influences”

Aarial and the Teaching Experience with Collin Paulson

The purple perk is as bustling as I always remember it.  People are finishing breakfast, there’s a break neck energy to the place.   The weekend is here, yet business  continues to boom.  It is here I talk to Colin Paulson.  Paulson is the author of the novel Aarial – about a troubled boy named DylanContinue reading “Aarial and the Teaching Experience with Collin Paulson”