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It’s time.

I’ve been rumbling and thundering hints with the hashtag #thestormishere.  I’ve done a couple of interviews about it, including this one by my publisher, Mirror World Publishing, which you can click here to read, but what is the storm I’m talking about?

After a year of waiting, and months of planning, almost all of the work for the book is complete.  I present to you the following:


The Storm is here, indeed.

Let’s talk about a couple of things here before I talk about the book specifically.  You’ll notice that Florence Chan, my illustrator for this project has a credit at the front of the book this time.   She deserves it for this book.  The greatest pleasure I’ve had for the last few months watching her put together the interiors.  This cover blew me away.  My favorite thing I can say about Florence doing this is that she is a consummate professional that is consistent in her vision, and it made my book a lot better.   I am so happy I got to work with her, and I’m hopeful I get to do it again.  Thank you Florence.

I also want to continue with a thanks to Mirror World.  My books the last couple of years are unique.  They don’t fit any mold or something I’m not sure that would normally be published through the house.  I am appreciative of the chance. So thanks to my publisher for letting me put together an amazing book.

Finally,  I need to take a moment to thank Dirk Manning, Simon Rose and Christine Steendam for letting me add a quote from their experiences with the Watcher here.  Thanks guys!  It means a lot!

So what is Stormdancer about to be exact?  I could say it’s the sequel to the Watcher – in fact, I do, on the cover, now that I think of it – and leave it at that.  But to be honest I got to say this book was a challenge.  This was my first sequel.  Sequels are interesting animals in the sense that you need to give the audience a sense of what came before.  After all, book one set a neat tone I wanted to make sure kept going into book two.

But it had to be different.  It was hard to figure out a way for a while to make this book special.  My solution was simple:  Take away the Watcher himself and see what I had left.  What I had were three amazing characters that needed to go on their own journey and they do.

I can say with confidence this may be the best thing i’ve written to date.  I fell in love with Kristen, the main character in this story.  She is without a doubt a bad ass.  I could talk about one scene in particular that made me think she might be more heroic than the Watcher is.  I will say, that scene alone is worth the price of admission.

Now that said, I will answer this question, do you need to read the Watcher to read Stormdancer?  No, but a lot of things are spoiled about the Watcher if you do read this one first.  Also, I think some of the experience of the world would diminish slightly.  That said, this is a solid tale that stands on its own.  Stormdancer is an illustrated epic that continues down the road the Watcher began.  It launches October 1st courtesy of Mirror World Publishing.  Check it out, wherever books are sold.

Next week I talk about the future of this wordpress, but until then, I hope you dance through the storms without and within and I’ll be seeing you guys on the road in October!