Catching Up With Simon Rose

I know it hasn’t been that long since the last interview I’ve had with Simon on the website, but two things made me approach him again.  He is about to release his novel The Sphere of Septimus later this month.  Beyond that, i’ve been happy for the doors that have opened for my friend onContinue reading “Catching Up With Simon Rose”

On Death, Fiction and Teaching with Kory M. Shrum

Twitter is an amazing tool.  You can meet thousands of people with the same wants and dreams you do at the touch of a button.  During my many random tweets in the twitterverse (I can’t believe how many “tw” words I’ve used this post already.) I came across Kory and after a couple of pleasantriesContinue reading “On Death, Fiction and Teaching with Kory M. Shrum”

Aarial and the Teaching Experience with Collin Paulson

The purple perk is as bustling as I always remember it.  People are finishing breakfast, there’s a break neck energy to the place.   The weekend is here, yet business  continues to boom.  It is here I talk to Colin Paulson.  Paulson is the author of the novel Aarial – about a troubled boy named DylanContinue reading “Aarial and the Teaching Experience with Collin Paulson”