Just joshing Episode 8: Simon Rose

Simon Rose is no stranger to this blog.  Next to Dirk Manning I have probably interviewed Simon more than anyone else during my time doing these things.  Simon has made me a better interviewer and allowed me to perfect my style.  I owe him a huge debt of gratitude for it, and wanted him onContinue reading “Just joshing Episode 8: Simon Rose”

The Pursuit of New Experiences with Simon Rose

Before we begin this interview, I want to point out that my third installment of my Wrestling Column for Wrestling Glory Days is now live.  Click here in order to read my column and its archives. I’ve talked to Simon Rose on several occasions now.  Each time we chat we seem to go all over theContinue reading “The Pursuit of New Experiences with Simon Rose”

Catching Up With Simon Rose

I know it hasn’t been that long since the last interview I’ve had with Simon on the website, but two things made me approach him again.  He is about to release his novel The Sphere of Septimus later this month.  Beyond that, i’ve been happy for the doors that have opened for my friend onContinue reading “Catching Up With Simon Rose”

Simon Rose Part 2: On Writing

Last week I posted Part one of my interview with Simon Rose, where we talked about influences, we talked about pop culture, and we touched upon where Simon got his ideas.  This week we focus a lot of stuff on writing.   We talk about Simon’s first time in the classroom, and we talk about theContinue reading “Simon Rose Part 2: On Writing”

Simon Rose Part 1: Influences

I really looked forward to talking to Simon Rose since I met him at Calgary Comic Con. He was pleasant, quick witted, and a very charming, engaging dude. He agreed to an interview and made arrangements. Simon is a multi talented dude – he writes, he teaches, and he works on summer camps with kids,Continue reading “Simon Rose Part 1: Influences”