One Year Later with Ksenia Anske

It’s hard to believe Ksenia has only written full time a year.  She has come a long way. I introduced Ksenia Anske not too long ago in an interview entitled The Amazing Ksenia Anske.  Afterwards, I purchased All three books of the Siren Suicides Trilogy and started reading. I Choose To Die is the firstContinue reading “One Year Later with Ksenia Anske”

Jimmie Robinson – Jack of All Trades Part 2

Before we begin, I want to apologize for the delay.  My computer decided to have a hiccup this weekend, and I decided it would be best to delay the release of this a few days to make sure everything is in order.  It now is, and we can continue. Last week, I released part oneContinue reading “Jimmie Robinson – Jack of All Trades Part 2”