Just Joshing Episode 7: Rae Hope Pantalleresco

It’s been over a year, and once again, My sweet, innocent…okay, that may be going a touch too far, but nonetheless, Rae Hope Pantalleresco returns to my blog.  Like from last time I talked to her,  She is doing another Art Show at the Lux Laundromat.  Unlike last time, I interviewed her for my podcast,Continue reading “Just Joshing Episode 7: Rae Hope Pantalleresco”

Introducing Rae Hope Pantalleresco

My sister is stealing my french fries and that is all there is to it.   I had purchased some chicken from Chicken on the Way, and driving back to her place she points out to me that she is taking a French fry. She says we talked about it, but that’s a lie. She talkedContinue reading “Introducing Rae Hope Pantalleresco”