A Lost Interview with Justine Alley Dowsett

So I got a confession to make before the interview is thrown down;  i lost this interview.  Justine and I started chatting about this stuff months ago.   Justine has been doing a magnificent job building  up Mirror World Publishing’s selection of books.   Her latest launch occurred just yesterday with The Coffee Monster byContinue reading “A Lost Interview with Justine Alley Dowsett”

One Year Later with Ksenia Anske

It’s hard to believe Ksenia has only written full time a year.  She has come a long way. I introduced Ksenia Anske not too long ago in an interview entitled The Amazing Ksenia Anske.  Afterwards, I purchased All three books of the Siren Suicides Trilogy and started reading. I Choose To Die is the firstContinue reading “One Year Later with Ksenia Anske”

Interviews within Interviews on the Edge with Brian Hades

I came into the interview expecting Brian to be interviewed about his publishing company Edge.  After talking a bit about publishing with Simon Rose a few weeks back, I thought that I’d get some information from one of Canada’s most premier publishers.  Edge Publishing produces some of the highest quality science fiction and fantasy inContinue reading “Interviews within Interviews on the Edge with Brian Hades”

Pulp, Pr ose and Publishing with Tommy Hancock

Tommy Hancock is day in and day out, probably one of the busiest guys I know.  In addition to being a writer you can often find Tommy hard at work promoting the heck out of some project for Pro Se Productions.  Pro Se Productions is Tommy’s work.  In addition to being an accomplished writer, TommyContinue reading “Pulp, Pr ose and Publishing with Tommy Hancock”

The Amazing Ksenia Anske

Before we begin, I’m going to take a moment to shill out my most recent release, The Watcher is now available at this page right here, in a multitude of formats including Kobo, Kindle and Sony.  You can check it out now at this link and download a sample.  If you like it, please spreadContinue reading “The Amazing Ksenia Anske”