Pulp, Pr ose and Publishing with Tommy Hancock

Tommy Hancock is day in and day out, probably one of the busiest guys I know.  In addition to being a writer you can often find Tommy hard at work promoting the heck out of some project for Pro Se Productions.  Pro Se Productions is Tommy’s work.  In addition to being an accomplished writer, TommyContinue reading “Pulp, Pr ose and Publishing with Tommy Hancock”

Talking the Many Worlds of Barry Reese

I feel like I’m moving up in the world.  Lately the blog has been getting more well known and talented people showing up here.  I confess to nerves getting to talk with Barry Reese.  He has become an accomplished writer in his own right, creating the worlds of Lazarus Grey, Gravediggers and  The Rook. TheContinue reading “Talking the Many Worlds of Barry Reese”