Imposing Will

If we’re being honest, the odds are against us from the very beginning. We’re born to an astronomically high number, and while we’re here we got to deal with a zillion things beyond our control. We have to deal with plagues, we have to deal with violence, we have to deal with war, we haveContinue reading “Imposing Will”

What are you Worth

Before I begin with the topic I’m blogging about today, I thought I’d post some of the chaos and mayhem I’ve been a part of since 2019 began. First off, my column at First Comics is back up and running. You can click here to read the latest buzz. Not only that, but my friendContinue reading “What are you Worth”

My When Words Collide Experience

I wasn’t sure what to expect with this years When Words Collide.  A few familiar faces I tend to hang around with were not there, and I have to admit that I was nervous about a couple of the panels I was doing.  Friday I spent a decent chunk of my Friday prior to arrivingContinue reading “My When Words Collide Experience”

My Imposter

So, I made a promise to Stacey M. Miller and Jim Jackson a personal story.  Wondering what to talk about, I realize that perhaps I should reflect on my feelings and some of the changes I’ve noticed in the past few months.  Not to mention that over the weekend, I realized an imposter had snuckContinue reading “My Imposter”

Creative Ink or…my road to Validation

So I attended the Creative Ink Festival in Burnaby BC this year.  I didn’t know what to expect.  I had a few impressions based on the people organizing it.  Sandra Wickham is an amazing person.  I always have a blast chatting with her when I do see her.  Randy McCharles runs this amazing festival calledContinue reading “Creative Ink or…my road to Validation”

My Four Rules

Last blog, I talked about not beating yourself.  A lot of people tend to defeat themselves before they begin.  Also in general, a lot of talk is about finding fulfillment.  I have the belief that these two things are connected.  I find simplicity is the key to dealing with both ends to this.  How notContinue reading “My Four Rules”

People that Inspire You – 200th Blog

Before I begin, let’s do a little bit of fun. My podcast has been on a roll of late, and the last few episodes should give you an idea as to why. My last three episodes have been with Colleen Anderson, JM Dematteis and Saima Khalid.  Click a name to listen to their episode.  MyContinue reading “People that Inspire You – 200th Blog”

Learning from the Watcher

A lot to mention in this blog.  So much to talk about that It’s going to be broken up into two parts.   Let’s begin by saying my podcast will be up tomorrow.  I am literally a theme song away from posting episode one.  I am proud of myself.  I built an episode completely inContinue reading “Learning from the Watcher”