Phoenix Con – Reflections and Directions

I’m sitting on a seat at the Phoenix Airport, waiting to board my flight back to Calgary.  I needed this trip for a lot of reasons.  I needed to hit another con as a (semi) professional.  I wasn’t there so much to sell comics (but I did a bit) I was there to meet upContinue reading “Phoenix Con – Reflections and Directions”

My Documentary

By this time next week in phoenix I will be filming my first documentary, with a little assistance from Kristen Denbow and Staci Winston.  So I figured I’d take the time to explain why I’m doing a documentary and what it’s all about. In short I love comics.  Anyone that’s read anything of mine knowsContinue reading “My Documentary”

It’s Official: Phoenix Here I Come.

Today my ticket and my hotel are booked.  I’m officially going to be off to phoenix to film my first documentary on the convention experience.  I can’t wait and excited to be a part of something like this.  It’s a good first step I think to working towards a bit of filming.  Hopefully if allContinue reading “It’s Official: Phoenix Here I Come.”