Bicycles, Life Skills and Jobs. It’s all the Same.

  I still remember the first time I rode my bike.  I was five years old and I had these amazingly dinky training wheels connected to the biggest blue bicycle I’ve ever seen.  I rode and rode that thing and was happy as I can be. Until I noticed other kids riding without training wheels. Continue reading “Bicycles, Life Skills and Jobs. It’s all the Same.”

What My Teeth has taught me about People

Before we begin, I have a fun little place for each of you to check out. Pretty cool right? So why play that game?  (Besides the fact that it is fun) because at heart, there is a lesson about people in general that needs to be made here. But first, man, what a difference teethContinue reading “What My Teeth has taught me about People”

In One Word…

It’s been a while since I’ve written in the blog.  It’s been an interesting few months, and I thought it’s about time I do something a little different. But first… Subscribe to my newsletter.  My computer died so I’m a little behind on the cool giveaway that comes in my newsletter the Pants Line.  ThatContinue reading “In One Word…”

Tin Foil Buster Swords are made of chocolate or My Phoenix Comiccon experience

I love the Phoenix Comic Con.   I consider it my lucky convention.  Good things always seem to happen to me there, and this year was no exception. I arrived at the con just at the nick of time.   In fact, the only complaint about the whole show was the very beginning.  The blueContinue reading “Tin Foil Buster Swords are made of chocolate or My Phoenix Comiccon experience”