Anything 4: Thirty Day Challenge and project list

So, can I finish a novel in thirty days? I’m not talking Nanowrimo.  It’s a great contest and one of these years I will do it.  Rather, I have a nice big giant novel that needs to be rewritten and done.  Parts of it are clear as a bell, and others are a great mystery. Continue reading “Anything 4: Thirty Day Challenge and project list”

Rewriting A novel: Notes

For NaNo, I decided to rewrite an old novel.  I thought it’d be great to write a little about this process. Some people might feel I’m cheating here.  I know the story.  I’ve written it to its conclusion.  There’s no surprise in terms of the larger beats of the story.  This much is true, butContinue reading “Rewriting A novel: Notes”