Anything: Meet my Main Character Blog Challenge

Thanks to my new friend Lee Miller, I’m going to do something a little different.  I got a lot of news coming up next week, but this was far too good to pass up. Before we continue, take a look at this picture right here: Taken from The only question I had doing thisContinue reading “Anything: Meet my Main Character Blog Challenge”

Anything: Work Paying Off

I think we’re going to forego numbers from now on with Anything.  Looking at it, the whole number thing just seemed kind of lame you know?  Besides, I’ve kind of got a writing schedule going on now.   Thanks to regular postings from Paradigm, (which you can conveniently read at I think I have aContinue reading “Anything: Work Paying Off”

Anything nino: Over and Underachieving

Quite a few things are happening this week.   First off I just finished launching Paradigm.   You can read about its secret origins right on that link that clicks.  I feel I still got some things I’m working on – the tagline for example.  Taglines by the way are a big pain in the butt.  IContinue reading “Anything nino: Over and Underachieving”