Nemesis Daring Escape Chapter 2

“Another one? Crimey, she seems to like you snake types don’t she?” May blubbered. “It’s the end!”  The Thing was weeping openly. “The end?”  May asked. “The end!  We’re doomed!  She’s going to forget about us!” “Don’t talk crazy talk there.  She’ll still love us.” “But, but, but…” “But what?” “That’s another pet?  How manyContinue reading “Nemesis Daring Escape Chapter 2”

We now return to regularly scheduled programming

Sorry for the delay between posts.  I’ve been busy working on Anomaly and playing Persona 4 entirely too much.  I’m past 60000 words and am going to get this baby polished and ready to start playing the lottery that is the publishing biz.  It’s time I got recognized for how good I really am.  ThatContinue reading “We now return to regularly scheduled programming”

Nemesis’ Daring Escape Chapter 1

Nemesis was coiled and resting in his cage, dreaming about the little mice that would soon be dinner.  He loved mice.  They always dangled in front of him right when he felt famished.  His owner must have worked hard to catch them.  She would dangle it over his head.   With one rapid shot he enjoyedContinue reading “Nemesis’ Daring Escape Chapter 1”