End of NanoWrimo

I don’t have anything magical planned or excuses to make.  I’m behind on the nanowrimo deal.  It always seems that i have things going on in November.  I’m moving, I have a day job, my podcast seems to be slowly rising in the podomatic rankings, and it’s been just a lot of time and energyContinue reading “End of NanoWrimo”

So I went to Winnipeg…

…and come back into NanoWrimo. Let’s talk about Winnipeg first.  It was a fantastic show.  I was told Winnipeg would be an amazing town for literary writers, and it was.  It was easily the best show for me in the year.  Two dozen books sold, and a fun, if a touch subdued atmosphere.  I gotContinue reading “So I went to Winnipeg…”

Rewriting A novel: Notes

For NaNo, I decided to rewrite an old novel.  I thought it’d be great to write a little about this process. Some people might feel I’m cheating here.  I know the story.  I’ve written it to its conclusion.  There’s no surprise in terms of the larger beats of the story.  This much is true, butContinue reading “Rewriting A novel: Notes”