Just Joshing 100

It’s been one hundred episodes. One hundred. Wow. So before I talk about the episode, I want to begin with a thank you.  Thank you to each and every person who took the time to listen to any of the episodes I’ve produced in the past.  This episode is special for a number of reasons.Continue reading “Just Joshing 100”

Just Joshing Episode 27: Dave Anderson

I met David Anderson playing magic at Myth Games.  I am one of those kind of magic players that play this game almost entirely for home brewing.  I’m the evil guy that is going to come at you standard or modern players with some kind of home brew.  Sometimes  I get stomped, but most ofContinue reading “Just Joshing Episode 27: Dave Anderson”

Just Joshing Episode 10: Vanessa Cardui

Now, now, I know what you’re thinking with the title:  what in the hell happened to episode 9 with Randy McCharles?  I still haven’t received the answers to the questions with Randy yet, but when I do, I will happily post the blog here about it.  If you do want to hear the podcast withContinue reading “Just Joshing Episode 10: Vanessa Cardui”

Introducing Drea Darc

Passion is something I respect in everyone.   Each and every person I have interviewed on my blog to date is someone that has chased what matters to them.  It takes guts to follow your dreams.   In high school, I got the privilege of hearing a very talented young lady at the time sing onContinue reading “Introducing Drea Darc”

Talking Skatewoman with Jennifer Goldstein

I bumped into Jennifer Goldstein through facebook, and the rest is history.  I had no idea who I was talking to at the time, but I found myself talking with a charming, personable and talented individual who was engaging and a genuine pleasure to talk to. Then I looked her up.   Listening to some ofContinue reading “Talking Skatewoman with Jennifer Goldstein”