Anything Numero 8: Exceeding Expectations

I’ve been busy. but first:  HOL-Y Crap.  Drea Darc nearly set a record for most hits for me in a day.  I want to thank everyone for checking it out and hopefully, voting for her in CBC’s Music Search contest. Okay, back to the present.  When I published The Watcher months ago, there really wasContinue reading “Anything Numero 8: Exceeding Expectations”

On Death, Fiction and Teaching with Kory M. Shrum

Twitter is an amazing tool.  You can meet thousands of people with the same wants and dreams you do at the touch of a button.  During my many random tweets in the twitterverse (I can’t believe how many “tw” words I’ve used this post already.) I came across Kory and after a couple of pleasantriesContinue reading “On Death, Fiction and Teaching with Kory M. Shrum”