Guest Post: Thea Van Diepen

While I’m trying to do a million and one things, I thought the blog needed some new content, so I turned to my friend Thea Van Diepen to provide me some content.  Thea is currently kickstarting her novel Like Mist Over Eyes which you can click to right here to donate.  I’m proud of her. Continue reading “Guest Post: Thea Van Diepen”

Ultrasylvania Unleashed with Brian Schirmer

This page didn’t take so long to update, but before I begin, a couple of news items. I’m doing interviews at  It’s a real thrill to begin this stuff.  Later today, there will be another interview up there as well.  However, there are some guidelines on the site that need to be followed; whichContinue reading “Ultrasylvania Unleashed with Brian Schirmer”