Jimmie Robinson – Jack of All Trades Part 2

Before we begin, I want to apologize for the delay.  My computer decided to have a hiccup this weekend, and I decided it would be best to delay the release of this a few days to make sure everything is in order.  It now is, and we can continue. Last week, I released part oneContinue reading “Jimmie Robinson – Jack of All Trades Part 2”

Jimmie Robinson – Jack of all Trades Part 1

Most of us cannot do comic books by ourselves.   Comics usually involve a handful of people doing specific jobs.  While it isn’t unusual to see two jobs go to one person (especially pencilling and inking) it is extraordinary to see one person do every single thing it takes to put a comic together. JimmieContinue reading “Jimmie Robinson – Jack of all Trades Part 1”