Anything Seven: Cutting or Observations Writing current novel

Alright, let’s get some news out of the way before we get to the writing part of this little column. Kory M Shrum interviewed me on her blog which you can click on the link to read.  I’m on the meet um mondays part of the board.  It’s kind of weird being interviewed.  You hopeContinue reading “Anything Seven: Cutting or Observations Writing current novel”

Rewriting A novel: Notes

For NaNo, I decided to rewrite an old novel.  I thought it’d be great to write a little about this process. Some people might feel I’m cheating here.  I know the story.  I’ve written it to its conclusion.  There’s no surprise in terms of the larger beats of the story.  This much is true, butContinue reading “Rewriting A novel: Notes”