Fantastic Journey Magazine Day 7

I’m sorry for the delay.  I got distracted by a lollipop chainsaw.  It was like buffy meets devil may cry with just a touch of dynasty warriors.  It was a bit monotonous, yet viewing it was like a car accident.  I couldn’t turn away, even though I wanted to.  Just a messed up game. IContinue reading “Fantastic Journey Magazine Day 7”

Fantastic Journey Magazine Day 6

Dear Diary I’m torn.   It’s rare that I face this kind of moral quandary, as I’ve learned in business that it’s best to keep your morals and ethical standards with everyone else at reasonable lows.   Today however I had an offer I may not be able to refuse. A local church group has offered toContinue reading “Fantastic Journey Magazine Day 6”

Fantastic Journey Magazine Day 5

Dear Diary I headed out to acquire some sponsors today.  No surprises so far, that no one has taken up our generous offer – none of the big companies anyways.  I wish.  I so wish.  Instead I’m getting calls from a variety of interested parties.  These people have loads and loads of money, which isContinue reading “Fantastic Journey Magazine Day 5”

Fantastic Journey Magazine Day 4

Dear Diary We’re doomed.  I heard the final toll and first trumpet roll down from heaven and we are in deep deep deep trouble.  My favorite sponsor called this morning.  I love this sponsor.  She was a blank check to success and made sure we broke even in costs at the very least no matterContinue reading “Fantastic Journey Magazine Day 4”

Fantastic Journey Magazine Day 3

Dear Diary It is time for our beginning of the month meeting for creative ideas.  And by creative I mean total decimation.  It’s one of the perverse pleasures of being the editor in chief – shooting other people down and doing it with a smile. We (the creative team and myself) all mull through ourContinue reading “Fantastic Journey Magazine Day 3”

Fantastic Journey Magazine Day 1

It begins. Starting today this blog will be doing a little fictioicn in the form of a diary.  For one month I’m doing a little fiction.  With a few exceptions, this month is about a cranky editor trying to do a magazine.  I hope you have fun.   Today is the introduction to Fantastic Journey Magazine.Continue reading “Fantastic Journey Magazine Day 1”

What I’m doing today

First, I got a review!!!!!! I’m so excited.  Katrina Roets has her own blog where she reviews comics and other forms of fiction.  I am truly honoured.  So click on this link hereto read it.  It’s a fascinating read from my point of view.  I hope you like it too. Well last blog I toldContinue reading “What I’m doing today”

My Documentary

By this time next week in phoenix I will be filming my first documentary, with a little assistance from Kristen Denbow and Staci Winston.  So I figured I’d take the time to explain why I’m doing a documentary and what it’s all about. In short I love comics.  Anyone that’s read anything of mine knowsContinue reading “My Documentary”