Things I’ve Learned doing a podcast…

First things first:  I’m on Instagram!  Follow me at @jpantalleresco .  I’m still playing with the social media.  It’s more picture friendly, so it’s going to be tough I think to maintain interesting stuff.  We’ll see.  As is, should be a fun social media to experiment on. I’m currently four episodes into my podcast JustContinue reading “Things I’ve Learned doing a podcast…”

Learning from the Watcher

A lot to mention in this blog.  So much to talk about that It’s going to be broken up into two parts.   Let’s begin by saying my podcast will be up tomorrow.  I am literally a theme song away from posting episode one.  I am proud of myself.  I built an episode completely inContinue reading “Learning from the Watcher”

Tin Foil Buster Swords are made of chocolate or My Phoenix Comiccon experience

I love the Phoenix Comic Con.   I consider it my lucky convention.  Good things always seem to happen to me there, and this year was no exception. I arrived at the con just at the nick of time.   In fact, the only complaint about the whole show was the very beginning.  The blueContinue reading “Tin Foil Buster Swords are made of chocolate or My Phoenix Comiccon experience”

Appearance Schedule (So Far) 2015

Lots of cool things on the horizon and I’m starting to spill some beans with this here little blog.  To begin with, I’m going to be doing two cons in the span of five weeks.  The first one is next weekend at Calgary Con.  I will be there with the super awesomely talented Twyla AprilContinue reading “Appearance Schedule (So Far) 2015”