So I went to Winnipeg…

…and come back into NanoWrimo. Let’s talk about Winnipeg first.  It was a fantastic show.  I was told Winnipeg would be an amazing town for literary writers, and it was.  It was easily the best show for me in the year.  Two dozen books sold, and a fun, if a touch subdued atmosphere.  I gotContinue reading “So I went to Winnipeg…”

Journeying into the Heartland with Christine Steendam

Christine Steendam has the soul of an editor.  I know this because when I got back the interview corrections, Christine chose to torment this writer with all the corrections visible and in tact.  I think there was just a little bit of perverse pleasure in that whole exercise.  Editors as you know, are evil byContinue reading “Journeying into the Heartland with Christine Steendam”

Talking the New Guard with Andrew Lorenz

A real quick blurb here before I begin:  Paradigm happens every monday and wednesday and is drawn by Twyla April, Lettered by James Reddington, and written by this bum over here.  Check it out at http;//   Head on over there first.  I’ll be right back here in a jiffy. Welcome back. Almost two weeks ago,Continue reading “Talking the New Guard with Andrew Lorenz”

On Legacy with Andrew Lorenz Part 1

Andrew Lorenz is not someone I know personally.  That said, for being a stranger, he’s sure been nice to me.  If I ever said anything positive or talking about my books, I often found myself being retweeted and favorited by him.  Curious, I started to talk to him. I was amazed with how many comicsContinue reading “On Legacy with Andrew Lorenz Part 1”