Success, Sherlock Holmes and Storytelling with Chuck Miller

Chuck Miller and I have kind of a mutual admiration society going on here.  I met him online after I connected with the amazing Tommy Hancock of Pro Se Publishing.  We actually exchanged stories and have been friends since.  Ever since I’ve changed up how I do interviews, I’ve wanted to have a chance toContinue reading “Success, Sherlock Holmes and Storytelling with Chuck Miller”

It’s Official: Phoenix Here I Come.

Today my ticket and my hotel are booked.  I’m officially going to be off to phoenix to film my first documentary on the convention experience.  I can’t wait and excited to be a part of something like this.  It’s a good first step I think to working towards a bit of filming.  Hopefully if allContinue reading “It’s Official: Phoenix Here I Come.”


I haven’t been as religious about updating this blog as much as I should have been. It’s been a busy month preparing for the forthcoming weeks. Not that I have been just planning for the future, I’ve done some cool stuff this last few months. On All Pulp I’ve done some amazing interviews. Martheus WadeContinue reading “Kickstarter”