Podcast Services

Podcast Services

I want to help you produce the best podcast.

Six years and over 600 episodes of my show are in the can. I have interviewed some incredible people and have won awards for my show. My services may be of use to you. I’ve produced audio, video, done editing and created a show from scratch that has become an award winning and respected podcast and broadcast in a variety of mediums.

Audio Editing Services

I can edit your podcast for you. Whether it’s inserting ads, editing sound quality and content, or quality control, I will get it done.

Rate: $50.00 per hour

My Best Advice If You're wanting to Write a Book! – Suzy Vadori's Inspired Writing, Season 2, Ep 20 Inspired Writing

#writingabook #authortube #InspiredWriting If you're wanting to write a book, Congratulations! Maybe you've already started, and that's even better. Either way, I'm here to cheer you on, giving you the EXACT information you need to get your book done. Because it's hard to find good information out there.  In this episode, I share the advice I wish I'd had when I first started writing, so you can skip the writers' learning curve and jump ahead to the good stuff.  Ready to kickstart your writing and get your book finished this year? Join me for my FREE Writers' Virtual Retreat September 10-14, 2021. One hour a day for 5 days (whenever it fits into your schedule) will set your book up for success. Grab me as your Book Coach for a full 5 days. http://www.suzyvadori.com/retreat  See you there!   Inspired Writing  Suzy's Free, Private Inspired Writing Facebook Group – Where you can get free trainings, ask questions, get answers and share your writing journey.    Suzy's Inspired Writing Newsletter – get FREE weekly tips and training on Writing and Writing Life    Facebook Twitter/Instagram: @suzyvadori
  1. My Best Advice If You're wanting to Write a Book! – Suzy Vadori's Inspired Writing, Season 2, Ep 20
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Voice Over Services

Want me to read an ad for your show? No problem. Whether it’s advertising your latest sponsor’s product, or if you want me to voice a character, I am available. Check out my Audiobook Services page for sound samples.


0 – 2 minutes – $125

2 – 5 minutes – $250


Want to work out a concept about your show? Need some advice on getting sponsors, guests? I can help you with that and more.

Rate: $50 per hour.


Want me to do everything? I can do everything. I will create your show from scratch. I will book guests, make the episode, edit the episode, research and recruit guests, get sponsors, market your show on social media, write copy and more.

Here’s some samples of things I’m doing right now.

Rate: Custom.

Contact me at michaelthroughtime@live.com if you are interested. If you want to see other things I’ve done, see my Youtube Channel

Episode 654: Just Joshing Episode 654: Drink and Draw with Rae Hope Pantalleresco Part 2 Just Joshing

#interviews #illustrations #writingcommunity #booktubeIn the conclusion to my drink and draw with Rae Hope Pantalleresco, we talk about regret, learning from experiences, taking chances, and draw stuff. I manage to draw skulls. I always enjoy my chats with my sister, and I'm proud of her and who she's become. Listen to this and find out why.SponsorsPD Alleva Golem – Someone's creation can truly be the path of destruction. The devil is the details.PD Alleva's latest release, Golem is live now. Click the link to pick up this excellent horror novel. Jenna Greene and Wiggers the Well Dressed Wombat – check out Jenna Greene's Picture book releasing November 8th and get some great fashion advice from a wombat. Visit her page for more detailsRoadkill Rampage #2 – Evil runs deep in this forest as Tess finds a stray dog and explores the sinister secrets of the men she meets. This kickstarter courtesy of Hazzum Productions starts Oct. 20th. Click on the link to follow.Rae Hope Pantalleresco:Photography InstagramArt InstagramMy Stuff:Books:Alice ZeroThe Cloud DiverSupport And Subscribe:Buy my MerchBuy Me A CoffeeNewsletterPatreonTwitchYoutube
  1. Episode 654: Just Joshing Episode 654: Drink and Draw with Rae Hope Pantalleresco Part 2
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  3. Episode 652: Just Joshing Episode 652: Kaki Olsen
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  5. Episode 650: Just Joshing Episode 650: Christian Tiege
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