Living in the Moment

So what are you afraid of? And what does it have to do with living in the moment? When we think about living in the moment, we think about being a free spirit.  There truly is something magical about going with the moment, and not worrying about where it will take you.  It’s easy toContinue reading “Living in the Moment”

You Got To Want It

I can hear the groan in many a philosopher friend of mine reading this title.  “ANOTHER preachy thing about wanting something really really bad to succeed?”  Well, yeah, kind of.  But I promise a really personal slant about this.  an email just now and really thought about something.  What is the difference between someone thatContinue reading “You Got To Want It”


Imagination is our greatest gift. If you’re reading this, you probably familiar with Albert Einstein’s famous quote about imagination.  If you aren’t here it is: “The true sign of intelligence is not knowledge but imagination.” Cool quote right?  But what exactly does that mean? Imagination is something we possess in abundance as a child, butContinue reading “Imagine”

Guest Post: Thea Van Diepen

While I’m trying to do a million and one things, I thought the blog needed some new content, so I turned to my friend Thea Van Diepen to provide me some content.  Thea is currently kickstarting her novel Like Mist Over Eyes which you can click to right here to donate.  I’m proud of her. Continue reading “Guest Post: Thea Van Diepen”

The Importance of Thank You

I usually go on a thank you rant to a lot of people when good things happen.  What I often don’t talk about is why. Arizona time:  I remember when I was down and had nothing, and was doing my best just to survive.  A lot of people stepped up and helped me.  They neverContinue reading “The Importance of Thank You”