My Four Rules

Last blog, I talked about not beating yourself.  A lot of people tend to defeat themselves before they begin.  Also in general, a lot of talk is about finding fulfillment.  I have the belief that these two things are connected.  I find simplicity is the key to dealing with both ends to this.  How notContinue reading “My Four Rules”

What My Teeth has taught me about People

Before we begin, I have a fun little place for each of you to check out. Pretty cool right? So why play that game?  (Besides the fact that it is fun) because at heart, there is a lesson about people in general that needs to be made here. But first, man, what a difference teethContinue reading “What My Teeth has taught me about People”

The Wandering God

So this came out. Sorry I haven’t been quite as promotional about it.  It’s been a hectic few months.  I’ve known for about five months I was going to be heading for dental surgery.  I’ve been working on a number of projects non stop since that time, as I’ve been working towards giving myself someContinue reading “The Wandering God”

Never Never Land

“Exit Light,  Enter Night Take my hand, Off to Never Never Land” Enter Sandman, Metallica   I had an epiphany Saturday night.   I’m still waiting for my editor extraordinaire to go through the Cloud Diver with the fine toothed comb.  (the beatings will begin shortly) so with nothing major to do, I went toContinue reading “Never Never Land”

Bigger Elephants in the Room

This is the very heavy US Politics post.  I talk about Fox and Socks next week as a balance to this.  So if you want to keep reading me in a political athiestic kind of way, come back to next blog. Okay? Let the show begin.   This is not the only Orwell quote I’mContinue reading “Bigger Elephants in the Room”

Elephants in the Room

  So I tend to keep my social presence deliberate and politically atheistic.   It’s simpler that way.  I see a LOT of dissenting views with it and have for the year since Trump was elected.  Comic book professionals and authors say all kinds of things about this. I’m silent.  I like talking about iceContinue reading “Elephants in the Room”

Once Upon A Time

Sometimes the path comes to you by accident. Good journey’s start with once upon a time.  So let’s go there. Once upon a time I read this book right here.  It’s a neat book.  It was an epic poem that retold the story of Jesus, Paul and the book of Revelation. It’s pretty good, very imaginative, andContinue reading “Once Upon A Time”

The Boxes we build ourselves

I always try to encourage people to believe that they can do anything.  I rarely ask the opposite.  So my thought for today is a question for each of you. Ready? What can’t you do? Now I know that all of us have things we’re not good at.  For example, I can’t draw worth aContinue reading “The Boxes we build ourselves”