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Let me help you tell the story the way you want it heard.

There’s nothing quite like hearing your story come to life through the voice of another. I’ve got quite a bit of experience using my voice on my podcast, and would be happy to use my voice to help you tell your story. My specialties are science fiction, thriller, historical and any YA that fits into these categories.

But I’m not just willing to be the voice of your story, but I will help you craft your audiobook from scratch. I will do the research, narration, editing and mastering of your work. Samples are below.

People interested can contact me at


“Working with Joshua is a pleasure. He is enthusiastic and shares a love for storytelling. He responds quickly to messages and requests and does excellent quality work.” Brad C. Anderson, Duatero


Narration $40 Per hour

Want me to just narrate? No problem! There will be one hour research charge as well. I have had to research how to pronounce things in Mandarin and Esperanto for example. Or that favorite question all sci fi/fantasy authors get. How do you pronounce “insert word here?” and I want to make sure you are happy with the tone, the accent I use. This is your story after all. I want it done right.

Book Recording/Producing/Mastering/Narration $200 P.F.H.

Want me to do everything? I can do everything. I will narrate your story, and then edit, master, get it ACX ready for Audible and send your book ready to be released.


Chapter 9 of Duatero, by Brad C. Anderson, Narrated by me.

Alice in Wonderland Chapter 1 By Lewis Carroll

Episode 654: Just Joshing Episode 654: Drink and Draw with Rae Hope Pantalleresco Part 2 Just Joshing

#interviews #illustrations #writingcommunity #booktubeIn the conclusion to my drink and draw with Rae Hope Pantalleresco, we talk about regret, learning from experiences, taking chances, and draw stuff. I manage to draw skulls. I always enjoy my chats with my sister, and I'm proud of her and who she's become. Listen to this and find out why.SponsorsPD Alleva Golem – Someone's creation can truly be the path of destruction. The devil is the details.PD Alleva's latest release, Golem is live now. Click the link to pick up this excellent horror novel. Jenna Greene and Wiggers the Well Dressed Wombat – check out Jenna Greene's Picture book releasing November 8th and get some great fashion advice from a wombat. Visit her page for more detailsRoadkill Rampage #2 – Evil runs deep in this forest as Tess finds a stray dog and explores the sinister secrets of the men she meets. This kickstarter courtesy of Hazzum Productions starts Oct. 20th. Click on the link to follow.Rae Hope Pantalleresco:Photography InstagramArt InstagramMy Stuff:Books:Alice ZeroThe Cloud DiverSupport And Subscribe:Buy my MerchBuy Me A CoffeeNewsletterPatreonTwitchYoutube
  1. Episode 654: Just Joshing Episode 654: Drink and Draw with Rae Hope Pantalleresco Part 2
  2. Episode 653: Just Joshing Episode 653: Drink and Draw with Rae Hope Pantalleresco Part 1
  3. Episode 652: Just Joshing Episode 652: Kaki Olsen
  4. Episode 651: Just Joshing Episode 651: Betsy Ross
  5. Episode 650: Just Joshing Episode 650: Christian Tiege

What’s a PFH?

So a PFH stands for Per Finished Hour, the final product of the narration. So let’s do some math. A Per Finished Hour can be calculated by this method. On average Audible’s Per Finished Hour comes to 9308 words. Take your word count and divide it by that number, you’ll have a rough idea how many hours your book will be.

A picture of me, courtesy of Jill Maria Robinson, who's awesome.

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  2. Dewd! So much fun talking to you at CI 2019 over the weekend. If you reach out we can talk more about ur podcast and what-all else.

    I suddenly find myself with a metric f-tonne of open time, a story I shall tell you 1:1, if you are interested.


    Chloe Cocking

  3. Hi Joshua,

    I missed your presentation at When Words Collide (I’d been up since 5am Toronto time and just crashed around 8) and I could still bite myself in the a…behind.

    I started my own podcast and was just wondering whether you had a presentation or summary of your talk somewhere? My big issue is: how do I get my podcast out there for the most eyes to see?

    Any ideas and help would be greatly appreciated from this fellow pro wrestling fan 🙂

    1. You got time for a chat? Because this will take a bit depending on some things. Let me know when is a good time for you and we’ll make it happen.

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