The Dream

My Unexpected Week

I didn’t expect to be back freelancing at this time. I was intending to save money while working a day job to get ready for what is next. And then, right before I began I was laid off.

So, I went back to freelancing. This week was like a culmination of me wondering what was next. So I figured I’d write as I had a week to kill. Right off the bat, I got a writing gig with a magazine. That article comes out next week. Then, I get a podcast gig from someone I enjoy working with very much. I start working on that this weekend. Then, my pitch at Writer’s Weekly got accepted, so I wrote that. Suddenly I had a living wage freelancing.

I’ve never done that before. Something a lot of writers tend to talk about is that there is no money in writing. That’s not exactly true. The decision that needs to be made is what direction you are going into and what you are writing. More on that below.

Finally, the podcast is doing well on Twitch. I’m approaching my first one hundred followers on Twitch and very close to the affiliate status. I tend to stream monday through friday at 7pm EST here. Join me and watch the interviews. Did two interviews this week I was especially proud of. You can watch past episodes on my Youtube, or listen to them on the player below or any app you choose.

That’s a pretty amazing week. Not to mention that I got my cover for Alice Won? From Kenzie Carr. (Wow. Next week. I promise.) Then this week, I got another phone call Thursday that the lay off is going to last another few weeks. I thought about it. Why look anywhere else? This is what I want to do. Which leads to a question, why did I stop to begin with?

Poverty is Trauma

Pirate Zombie
You never forget your brush with death

There will always be a part of me in Snowflake and Show Low Arizona. There I met a piece of my end, and no matter how far I come there’s a piece of me back there. I don’t fear much, but one of the things I still fear is poverty. I never want to be back in that place. I never want to wonder where that next meal is coming in and I never ever will grow hungry again.

If you’ve never experienced this, this feeling is so visceral, so primal, it unlocks something savage and ruthless inside you. If you have, nothing more needs to be said. If you haven’t, there is nothing I can say to give you that feeling.

But it never leaves you. There’s a little fear, because you know how close you stand to the edge when you’re in that state. The best and worst things can come out of you in that moment.

But you never forget.

I need to forget.

That fear is what brought me back to the day job. It’s not completely irrational. That desire to not lose pushes you, but you can’t be afraid to get back in that position. No matter what, it will not be as bad as the first time. I’ve been there before. I can survive anything.

I Believe In Me

More importantly, I have to believe I won’t go back. I have to believe that I will get better and do more spectacular things. And I already have. Next week you’ll see my first freelance article.

Unlike last time, I know what I’m going to do. Freelancing is about focus. My dad if he read this would know exactly what I’m saying there. So that leaves the question, what do I offer?

Podcasting – Whether you want me to produce, post, make content or consult with building a show, I’m your guy.

Writing – I write articles and do so all over the web. I specialize in interviews, reviews, and profiles of people. You can see where I’ve gone, and where I’m going.

Comics – I edit comic books as well. If you need proofreading, story consultation, I’m your guy. You can hire me.

Any way you look at it I’m ready to go and I know what I offer. The question is who? You. If you want a feature piece on a person or company. You, if you want to create a podcast. Or you, if you want to create the best comic possible. I’m your guy.

The Dream

It may take a while but I will fly.

I’m not expecting the week I had this week, but I’ve already picked up more work, and I will be hunting for more. I’m crafting pitches and building up to what I need to. I have two books I want to release before the year is up and dang it I’m doing it. Hell or high water.

By this time next year I’m on the road, interviewing incredible people about their stories. I’m releasing great books and I’m traveling the world. I’m walking my path and chasing my dreams, because I believe in me.

I think I’m truly ready. Let’s do this.

Episode 631: Just Joshing Episode 631: Derek Borne Just Joshing

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