One Minute of Kindness

We’ve been cruel to each other for a long time now.

It’s easy to understand why. We’re scared. I mean, say what you will about the right thing, the wrong thing in the last year. Masks, no masks, vaccines, no vaccines…I mean, we can talk about that, but if we’re honest with ourselves, that stuff is a distraction. Easier to point the finger at each other and say that we’re in this position and it’s your fault, then maybe look at the world and realize that by and large, this whole situation was beyond our control.

A world in which bad things happen to good people for no good reason is a harder world than the one where there are good guys and bad guys. It’s frightening when you see things happening and have no control over the outcome. Do I think we’d be outside more if people behaved correctly? Not convinced. Do I think we’d be out of this mess if we stood up to our government and said it was okay to buy underwear right now? Probably not.

Not sure anything we would have done last year would have made a wit of difference. That’s a far more frightening world than blaming people for being anti maskers, or calling people sheeple. While there are things that bother me at this time, (my government, I look at you.) I really can’t look at other people and claim to know their situation and circumstances. At the end of the day, who am I to judge?

Even the government. This couldn’t be easy on any level.

No hugs. No visitations. Essential being a curse word, even more terrifying we made our workers heroes. We do not do heroes well or right by them, well meaning we may be.

In short, this has been a very cruel year and three months. I keep looking at ways I can make a difference. So I looked at my phone, and decided to send one minute of kindness to each person.

For up to a minute I would begin with “I appreciate you…” and say why I appreciate you. Friends, people I admire, respect, even people I don’t like. A kind word is so easy to do. You just have to look at your neighbour and just find one nice thing to say. You don’t have to of course, but kindness is rarer than toilet paper was at the beginning at this.

One minute.

Internet Hugs for all
hugs for all

I appreciate you.

What an experience. People responded. Sometimes with texts. My personal favorites were the people that recorded their own messages. Some of them were holding back tears. It made me think we desperately needed those moments in this time. No cruelty, no expectations. Just a nice word.

I got two responses of confusion. Some people didn’t respond, of course. But the majority of people was positive. I cannot count the number of times I got a “it made my day.” The smiles, the joy, and even the tears were worth it.

And all it took was one minute.

There’s going to be a lot of debate about what we did in this time in the days, weeks and years to come. The one honest mistake I feel we all made for the longest time is that we chose not to take that one minute. We’re all scared. I think being honest, this is a very unknown time. Going forward, it seems like we’re heading in the other direction and coming back into the world. We could always fall back, but I see it going into that direction.

We spent months fighting each other. Why didn’t we take that minute and just say, “Hey, I appreciate you?” It doesn’t cost anything to be kind. Why in a time like this were we so slow to get there?

I hope we never go through a time like this again. Anything is possible, but this is not something I’d wish on anyone. I do know that crisis will come again. Next time, I hope that we treat each other better. In an absence of good ideas, a kind word goes a long way. That might be the biggest lesson I’ve learned in this whole time.

Stay kind out there.

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