Shameless Self Promotion

I got some things I’ve hinted at, but as usual, there comes a point where you want to have more to accomplish. And I thought about writing this because people struggle with the concept of sales, and the perspective of talking about yourself always seems hollow. I’ve talked about this many times on my podcast Just Joshing. I’ve come to some interesting conclusions.

It’s scary talking about yourself in the best light. We can be self deprecating. I made it a point in my conversation with Nikki Nash to be as self deprecating as possible. It’s easy to be humble. It’s easy to keep yourself in perspective when you have nothing.

But, when you sell something, more importantly, sell something that you’ve personally bled, and sacrificed and crafted to put together for an audience, it’s terrifying. What if, it’s terrible? What if, no one wants it? What if, it’s not good? And this last one is what all artists fear.

We all have audacity to believe that what we say matters. If I didn’t believe it, I wouldn’t take pen to page. I wouldn’t be typing this blog out now for you to read. But I believe in what I’m saying because I’m putting it down for you to read. Simple right? Actions dictate what is important to us all.

If you want to take writing as a career and be serious about it, you must treat it like it’s a business. And the name of the game of business IS sales.

And while I will happily divulge what I believe sales is in another blog. That all said, today I’m taking my audacity to another level. I’m talking about nominating my books for awards.

Now awards are cool. Awards mean that your peers respect what you are doing and are willing to honor you with recognition. It’s not quite the same as getting paid, but it’s a cool feeling to find that your words are respected and loved by your peers. This blog is about me asking you my readers to nominate me today.

Now, I don’t normally push for it. But I have to practice what I preach. If I believe my works are worth it, than I must show beyond a shadow of a doubt that I believe in my own work.

The Auroras features some of Canada’s brightest and most bombastic voices in fiction. Canada has a lot of fantastic writers in science fiction and fantasy and we don’t voice it loud enough. I say it here, we’re some of the best in the world, and we are closing nominations for this prestigous honor today. You can visit the page here and register to vote. There are a lot of great books up there to vote for, and a lot of great voices to push. I recommend people like Suzy Vadori and Swati Chavda and Craig Dilouie if you want to check out some amazing reads.

But for once, I’m going to talk about me. I have three things eligible.

First off, my podcast. Just Joshing has reached the milestone of 550 episodes and counting. I still have a canadian focus to my work but have expanded the podcast to interview streamers and video game developers, and I draw on the show now that it has gone visual.

You can see episodes of my podcast here. Or you can listen to them here.

But beyond my podcast, I have two books eligible.

The first is The Cloud Diver. It’s my first novel. I’m proud of the work Lance Buan and I did with it. Johnny follows a girl with the Gunblade into the digital cloud and gets a file that everyone from zombie mobsters to unicorns that fart rainbows want. You can buy it here, and here’s a picture of Lance’s cover.

This cover always rocks

Lastly, I have a little book of poetry I’m particularly proud of. I mashed up Alice in Wonderland with Greek Mythology. Alice is Pandora and she opened the box and fell down into a rabbit hole, with a certain cheshire companion inside her head. Can she rediscover who she is before it’s too late? Written by yours truly, and illustrated by the incredible Kenzie Carr. (And yes, a sequel is coming out this year for it. More soon.)

You can check out the book here. And here’s Kenzie’s Awesome cover.

Another Awesome Cover

I enjoyed this take with Alice, and I think you will too. Now, that said, it’s all about the Auroras. So take a look at these, and if you have time for a kind word. Nominate them here. It all closes today.

Now that all said, there’s a lot of great stuff there, so check them out. It closes today.

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#QuinnTeechma #Interviews #JustJoshingPodcast #Photograhy #Acting Quinn Teechma is a legitimate Queen. From crying on her floor to making a six figure income, Teechma details her rise to success and in her way serving the world, by helping women see the queens inside them. All the while talking about the journey that got her there. Been a fan of Quinn since her last appearance on my show, and it was great to have this heart to heart.  Have a listen.Quinn Teechma: https://www.Queenstudiosyyc.comMy Stuff:Alice Zero: Cloud Diver: Merchandise: https://jpantalleresco.redbubble.comNewsletter: Patreon: Twitch: 
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