Staying Proud In 2021

This took a little longer than I thought to get to writing in the blog again. I want to apologize in advance. The show has been a crazy monster of a ride since it started. If I had one regret about 2020, it’s that I didn’t pick up on this niche faster. In its good time and place though, right? We’re here now. This is not about where I went but about where I’m going.

So without further ado, here are my goals for 2021.

Podcast logo

Become a Twitch and Youtube Affiliate

My podcast is now a full fledged talk show. The first month made this super time consumingMy goal is to monetize it. I have a myriad of ideas to do that and becoming both a twitch and Youtube affiliate is one of them. My recent shows can be seen here on both platforms.

AP was a fun guest. Happy to do it.

I’ve had a hell of a list of guests so far. Mog Park, Hank Phillippa Ryan, Elsa Garagarza, Tony Phillips, Miranda Krogstad, Bill Maus and many more. It’s been a wild fun time, and I need your help. My Twitch is here, and I would love a follow and a support there or my Youtube. This is one of my goals.

But don’t get me wrong, audio episodes are still being produced on a regular basis. You can listen to them on every app known to me, and there’s a place to listen to them here if you want to at the bottom.

More Writing

The other major goal is to release more books. I have a ton of ideas of things to release not just in prose, but in freelancing and in comics as well. (More on the latter goal down the list.) But I’m proud of the various freelancing things I did in writing and want to pursue more creative writing venues and will be looking to do so a lot more starting now. I’m working on a few projects and still have the time to really make it moving.

Beyond that, today I heard back from a pitch from an editor I sent to back in July. It’s a crazy world right now, but I see a lot of possibilities. I’m planning on doing a lot more going forward in the future, including more posts here. Watch my publication history grow.


Illustration of a grinch and his dog
I still can’t believe I sold this one

I never thought I’d sell illustrated pieces, but as of this writing, I’ve sold two. Now, I got a long way to go before I feel I’m good enough to pursue the path I want to with this, but I got to tell you, it fills me with confidence that I got to this point, and I’m making money as an artist with a pencil.

I will never be able to thank Mog Park, Anh Vu, Elsa Garagarza, Xi Xin and others for giving me the opportunity to do this, and I’ll be tacking more difficult stuff in the days and weeks to come. On my Patreon Page starting next week I’ll be drawing Mortal Kombat characters.

My goal is to illustrate my next novel with tiny illustrations and will eventually graduate to a comic. I’m hoping to announce Light’s Out very soon, as I’m trying to finish the draft of it this weekend. And then, I’ll be working on one of many other things I’m working on. But ultimately, the goal is this year to work on a comic.

But in the meantime, baby steps. Hoping to learn how to greyscale and color soon enough. It should be fun.


So I got to be honest with you here. I haven’t done a great job with my patreon to this point, and I’m hoping to change that. I reimagined it, but this is my last go with it. I’m incorporating everything above to the page. I’m going to make it a place I experiment and give people a chance to see more of what I can do, and in the process, support me on all my creative endeavors.

From the podcast perspective, it’s where I’m going to read my stories from now on, as well as classics like Through the Looking Glass. My storytime on the podcast led to some interesting shows I’m very proud of. I never expected my plate of interviews to be as vast as it has been the last two months. I haven’t had time to release any more reading episodes. I’m on the hook for two more on the podcast. One of them will be episode 501, but once I get the last one finished, it’s likely to just be interviews here.

The patreon will be home to the readings and narrations I’m working on, as well as some short stories, novel and comic previews, and illustrations. And eventually, my own podcast course. So if you want to support me in what I do, head there and pay for a tier.

Keep Going

I’ve come too far to stop. I’m seeing myself get noticed more and I’m seeing more success. Here’s hoping that this year I climb to even farther heights. This will always be a struggle, but it’s one I relish.

Stay inspired this year. Keep shining in the darkness, and as the lockdown era ends one way or the other this year, I hope you all are good to each other. Keep going, and keep doing.

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