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So today is the day ladies and gentleman. The Just Joshing Talk Show begins. As stated on tonight’s podcast, the new format begins after tonight. Take a listen to episode 450 if you want to hear me talk about all the specifics of the new format, just listen to it.

I wanted to take this moment to thank Kayseas Redsky. If it wasn’t for her, I wouldn’t have gotten here quite so quickly. I started the audio business. I’m still available for narration, and would do it again in a heartbeat. But I don’t love it. I love podcasting. I love talking to people and hearing their stories.

That’s what I’m going to do. I take it to the next level starting tonight.

I’ve been streaming on my Youtube for the last two weeks. I’ll be going live on my Twitch tomorrow. My guest is the great Jennifer Gordon. We had a heck of a conversation two weeks ago, and I can’t wait to see where we go from here. My guest list includes Kurt Zauer who did a great chat with me already while I was counting down with 101 Tales. I follow that up with William Holland this thursday (Happy Thanksgiving America!). William is my first new guest. It’s going to be exciting to chat with him. He’s just a dynamic comic creator.

Friday is going to be very special. I’m doing my first ever Drink and draw. Podcasting on video should be more visual and I want to bring on some great illustrators. I’m a comic book guy at heart. I want to see more illustrators appreciated for the work they do. So every friday I will draw (not well I admit) with someone that draws and we’ll chat and learn things art like.

Storytime will not disappear. I will continue to read Alice in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass on the weekends. Other authors will read from their wares as well. I’ve had an impressive collection of people read. Swati Chavda is my latest reading. I can’t wait until she debuts next year as a guest. She’s someone I’ve talked to for years.

The readings are going to be the only remnant to the audio only. I’ve enjoyed seeing my inner CS Lewis come to light. I’ve been astounded at watching people tell their stories through my podcast and want that to continue.

Alice In Wonderland
Alice Is Quite Enjoyable to read.

Patreon, Twitch and Youtube

Now the podcast will still have it’s audio translations for the podcast. But there will not be an opening monologue. Instead, we’ll be going right into the interviews. There will be an outro, especially as new projects come out, and I couldn’t stop “Josh, Shush” from being part of the show. But things are changing and for the better. Can’t wait to start today.

Each week I’ll announce the schedule for the shows. Jennifer Gordon, Kurt Zauer and William Holland start at 9pm EST. Anh Vu is 11pm EST. I will try my best not to be jealous of the fact that Anh is in Hawaii.

The Patreon is a work in progress, but I’m thinking Wednesday may be the home to exclusive shows, like making a podcast and teaching Audiobook creation to people. I’ll be making some more exclusives available shortly.

But I do hope you subscribe to me in one form or the the other. The Youtube is nearly at 100 subscribers, and I’m just getting started in other places. Hopefully the strategy will work. But either way, I’ll be doing what I love, and I won’t be so hard on myself no matter what. This is about what I want to do.

Life’s short. I realize that I could spend the rest of my life making other people profit off my time, or maybe that I can try. I hope my love for what I’m doing translates. I’m nervous, scared and not sure what the future holds. But I feel all of us are there right now. In the blackest of nights, it’s important we shine our lights in the sky. We need to be reminded that we’re not alone. That we together can come out of this better.

This is how I shine. I hope to see you there.

Episode 635: Just Joshing Episode 635: Robert Kingett Just Joshing

#RobertKingett #Interviews #BooktubeRobert Kingett stands out, even among us writerly types. Robert is blind, and we talk about that. We talk about everything and just have a chat. We chill, and disagree about some things, but agree on others, and we talk books, and living life. Robert is an amazing human being and I was honored to have him on the show. Take a listen. Sponsor:Jennifer Lieberman's Year of the What Newsletter- Sign up for the newsletter to enter for giveaways for Year of the What – an audiobook by author/actress Jennifer Lieberman extraordinaireRobert Kingett:WebsiteOff The GridMy Stuff:Books:Alice ZeroThe Cloud DiverSupport And Subscribe:Buy my MerchNewsletterPatreonTwitchYoutube
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