Just Joshing – The Show Begins

So a lot has happened since I wrote Under Your Nose…

I still can’t believe I talked to Chuck Pineau about Canadian towns and metal for about an hour. Unreal conversation, but so much fun.

I’ve done other videos as well, but the whole thing is getting this new formula down. Transferring the podcast to this has been a process. But I think I got it all down. So then, my readers and listeners, what is the master plan going forward.

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Four Interviews A Week…with a twist on Fridays.

The interviews will not stop as you can see above, but now there will be more of them. Monday, Tuesday and Thursday are going to be interviews like the ones above here. I might talk about heavy metal. I might talk about chocolate. I may talk about glitter. I don’t know – that will be completely dependent on the guest and where they go. This has always been the way it’s done that works, and I won’t change. Monday, Tuesday and Thursday will be my usual interviews.

Friday is going to be interesting though.

Drink and Draw

I want to feature more illustrators and comic book creators. My show is moving into the visual realm and the visual should be highlighted somewhere. Every friday I will feature an comic book creator or visual artist to come on the show and do their stuff. It’s still going to be a bit of an interview, but I’m moving to a visual format. I want there to be a visual format.

I’ll be looking at some things on twitch, but I’m hoping to do some good things in the future with friday’s show. I have some big ideas for it. As is, my first two guests are incredible.

Weekend Readings Will Continue

There will be an audio only podcast on weekends. I’m going to continue reading Alice in Wonderland, Alice Zero, and my next release soon enough. That will be just a weekend only thing and I’m hoping that authors continue to come out and read. That will still be an audio only experience each weekend.

I Need Your Help

So I got my Patreon Page up and running, and hope some of you will help me there. I also got my Youtube Channel to start up. Click the subscribe and tell people about it. I’ll be contacting more people and already am getting more interviews than I ever had before. I want this to be a listener supported podcast, and I’m hoping you guys who root for me are willing to help.

I’ll also be launching a twitch channel. What will you get? To dictate my Panel shows which will air on Wednesdays when I do them. (They won’t be every week, but I do some ideas.)

This is what I want to do with my life. I love telling stories but nothing inspires me like hearing people talk to me about the things that matter to them. Shooting the shit and just loving life with the people I have had the chance to chat with is incredible. I don’t want to do anything else.

I’m moving towards the life I want and it is amazing. No matter what happens, this has been an incredible ride. I want to keep going wherever it takes me.

That’s the short version of the plan. What do you think? Anything you’d like me to do? Feel free to let me know.

Episode 635: Just Joshing Episode 635: Robert Kingett Just Joshing

#RobertKingett #Interviews #BooktubeRobert Kingett stands out, even among us writerly types. Robert is blind, and we talk about that. We talk about everything and just have a chat. We chill, and disagree about some things, but agree on others, and we talk books, and living life. Robert is an amazing human being and I was honored to have him on the show. Take a listen. Sponsor:Jennifer Lieberman's Year of the What Newsletter- Sign up for the newsletter to enter for giveaways for Year of the What – an audiobook by author/actress Jennifer Lieberman extraordinaireRobert Kingett:WebsiteOff The GridMy Stuff:Books:Alice ZeroThe Cloud DiverSupport And Subscribe:Buy my MerchNewsletterPatreonTwitchYoutube
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