The Fox Spirit who draws magic: My interview with Kitsune Windsor.

Foxy and Wolfy Lovely weather

Kitsune Windsor found me on facebook and she has been nothing but a band of merry mischief. You may know her as the amazing comic creator Foxy and Wolfy. I know her as the merry prankster that makes awesome burgers, who accuses me of reading hentai (I can neither confirm nor deny this allegation.)

She’s such a wonderful, amazing human being that I asked her to go on the podcast. Her unique circumstances make that impossible. However, I still wanted to interview her. So for the first time in years here is a written interview. I hope you guys dig it, as I did. Oh, and did I make pirate noises or did I actually sound like a baby seal? You decide.

Roxy says goodbye as she takes on the world today.

Joshua Pantalleresco: So my first question is always this. If you have anything incriminating you’d like to say, make it good.

Kitsune Windsor: I eat tons of cheese and pass out

JP: That’s an impressive superpower.

KW: Very.

JP: Did your superpower come naturally or with practice?

KW: I also sleep 5 hours and I was 190 lbs at 10 years old. 55 lbs at 16

JP: Hormonal, diet or stress? That’s very extreme.

KW: Got sick. had multiple surgeries and cardiac arrest

JP: You’ve overcome a lot! Was there a root cause? Or one thing on top of the other?

KW: muscular dystrophy and injuries and some hits. I had great misfortune as a kid

JP: I see that. Sounds like you were forged in fire.

KW: and burgers!

JP: I hope it has become easier. What kind of burgers?

KW: No , but more fun. Bacon, cheese and egg burger.

JP: Yum *looks around to see if said burgers are nearby. When did you start to draw and tell stories? You’re very good at it. *glances around for burger some more

KW: lol.. I role played since 10 and watched tons of adult cartoons and kids shows. no classes ever

JP: So self trained. You have a great sense of design.So what was the show that made you believe you can do this?

KW: 3 shows.

JP: Which three?

KW: All Purpose Cultural Cat Girl Nuku Nuku, Sailor Moon, Ranma 1/2 and others

JP: So talk about your comic. You went from reading them to doing them. What made you make the leap?

KW: I was always in to anime and role play, I would doodle and write random stories my entire life. I started making Foxy and Wolfy after my entire adopted family died off. To make something that would make the world brighter . Also to portray disabled characters as very normal people equal to non disabled.

JP: Are they a tribute to them?

KW: not exactly , but to just bring some joy like they did

JP: Ah. So who came first?

KW: Characters?

JP: Yeah. Who did you see? Usually one character comes to me when I write.

KW: Well, Misaki is based on my more innocent years where I suffered from being too trusting and suffered abuses from . Misaki is strong and fierce but occasionally says dumb things.

JP: Ah. So Misaki was first.

KW: yep!

JP: So she your favorite character to draw?

KW: Roza by far.


JP: She looks fun.

KW: She is what I wanted to be after my darkest days of pain.

JP: I was about to ask. She reminded me of you.

KW: she’s very high intelligence , flirty and loves attention.

JP: That does fit you.

KW: lol!

JP: At the very least, you’re playful.

KW: She is too!

JP: I believe it. So how long have you been doing foxy and wolfy?

KW: About 7 years from first concept.

JP: What have you learned? Also, kudos. Seven years is a long time.

KW: To just make your dreams a reality , no matter how difficult or stressful . be positive and always improving. ty.

JP: I needed to hear that from someone. Thank you. I realize that wasn’t for me. But I just quit everything to chase my dreams. Sometimes I think I am crazy.

KW: Are you happy?

JP: Yes. But you wonder sometimes.

KW: good then.

JP: I have published two books, over 100 podcasts and did my first audiobook for a client

KW: you should be very proud.

JP: I am. As should you.

KW: here is a song you should understand somewhat. And catchy.

JP: I will. Right now I am listening to this:

KW: I know that one!

JP: I really dig the show and that’s an amazing translation. Pumps you up.

KW: That’s amazing.

WIP. Wow.

KW: last book page. wip.

JP: Nice. I start drawing mine next week.

KW: good luck to you

JP: Thank you. So you ready for the last question and then we do the plug?

KW: Never! Okay. yes.

JP: Are you saying that with a pirate accent? Just wondering.

KW: yarrr

JP: Arrrr

KW: yarrrrarrrr

JP: Arrarrarr…arr!

KW: ok ok. ;p

JP: I am keeping that in the conversation. Pirate talking is always a plus. But anyway…

KW: sure. 🙂

JP: What’s next for your dynamic duo. And where can I find them?

KW: We are releasing volume 1 of the updated and semi rebooted Foxy and Wolfy Digitally on Halloween and the 400 pg print version February or March. Sooner if we sell 200 digital.

JP: Link?


JP: Cool. And how can people find you?

KW: or

JP: Awesome. Thank you.

Just like that, Kitsune was gone, leaving my stomach grumbling. I really, really wanted that burger. She really draws magic doesn’t she? I’ll have to have her back here on a future blog so she can enrapture us with more tales, and just herself.

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