The Fox Spirit who draws magic: My interview with Kitsune Windsor.

Kitsune Windsor found me on facebook and she has been nothing but a band of merry mischief. You may know her as the amazing comic creator Foxy and Wolfy. I know her as the merry prankster that makes awesome burgers, who accuses me of reading hentai (I can neither confirm nor deny this allegation.) She’sContinue reading “The Fox Spirit who draws magic: My interview with Kitsune Windsor.”

Zippy The Dragon

So I was interviewed today, and my interviewer, correctly pointed something out about me. I tend to look at the things that terrify me, and think about how to do them, and I must confess, drawing terrifies me. Not Good Enough I have lousy hand co ordination. My chicken scratch of writing made me notContinue reading “Zippy The Dragon”

Kindness Is Rebellion

So I’ve been sending out random notes of kindness to random (and not so random) people. People I believe could use it and see it and enjoy it. Here’s a sample of one. What do you offer that no one else has? You. There is only one and only will ever be one. Your thoughtsContinue reading “Kindness Is Rebellion”

I click a lot, and other things I learned making Audio

I’m not quite done the book yet. It’s really the last listen, editing out the little pieces and making sure I’m clear. a 90000 word novel is a lot to go through. But this process has been an amazing one for me. I got to really look at what I do with audio and getContinue reading “I click a lot, and other things I learned making Audio”