People Always Give Their Game Away

So, I’m writing this because everyone is talking about the nightmare that was the political debate. (Note: I am SO glad I live in Canada.) When you guys do sober up and realize that yes, these are the nightmares you must deal with, I offer you a little into my own insight, and maybe, justContinue reading “People Always Give Their Game Away”

Practice Creates Excellence

I have learned in this life to believe people’s actions. Words are easy to come by. Take it from me, who cobbles them together on a regular basis. People talk. We communicate. We tell everyone stories. Most people never fail to forget that what we do is what People’s actions tell me exactly what eachContinue reading “Practice Creates Excellence”

Alice Zero is NOW

Not to much new to say. My book Alice Zero – my greek mythology story and Alice in Wonderland mashup is live. You can purchase it here on Amazon. Quite a few thank yous to mention here. Colleen Anderson, first and foremost. She made me write this, and to my surprise I loved the conceptContinue reading “Alice Zero is NOW”

Imposing Will

If we’re being honest, the odds are against us from the very beginning. We’re born to an astronomically high number, and while we’re here we got to deal with a zillion things beyond our control. We have to deal with plagues, we have to deal with violence, we have to deal with war, we haveContinue reading “Imposing Will”