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I keep getting 7 books that impact me, and 10 albums I love from facebook friends. So now that I’m in Vancouver, I thought I’d open with my lists of Josh this year. I’ll talk about them in Part 2, but I thought I’d touch on my goals for this year in my writing and podcasts here in Part 1.

Just Joshing (The Interview List)

So this is who I’m chasing. And yes, there are some big names on here. But I figure, why not?

  1. Brandon Sanderson
  2. Lights
  3. Gail Simone
  4. NK Jemisin
  5. Samantha Beiko
  6. Johnnie Christmas
  7. Jay Kristoff
  8. Dave Butler
  9. Sylvain Neuvel
  10. Rio Youers

Bonus two: Heidi Heilig, Kripparian, Diane Birch

The podcast is expanding already this year. I interviewed my first streamer and have some amazing guests already interviewed heading into Just Joshing 350 but these are the people I want to interview this year. Brandon Sanderson is the man, and I want to have a magic match with him. Lights is someone I’m a big fan of. I really dug Skin and Earth and listen to her music often when I write. Gail Simone would just be fun, but the one I’m secretly hoping on this list I finally get to?

Samantha Beiko. I’m a big fan of Sam. I became one two years ago at the Auroras. Scion of the Fox is on my reading pile right now, and I just dig her comic Krampus is my Boyfriend. She is a one of a kind talent who shines no matter what platform she appears. I want to sing something terribly on stage with Sylvain Neuvel. I met him in Ottawa and he is cool beans man. Youtube wing and a prayer on Youtube. It’s amazing. I may fly to montreal just to do it.

People I want to interview again

  1. Fonda Lee
  2. Kate Heartfield
  3. By Your Leave
  4. Sofia Evangelina
  5. Jonas Saul
  6. JM Landels
  7. Chris Marrs

I want to interview Fonda again because she’s done comics now and I’m more jealous. She’s also an amazing writer period, and I can’t help saying nice things about her. Sofia Evangelina gives me no excuses not to succeed. I feel like I could have done better by Kate Heartfield and I really like her books, and By Your Leave was definitely a fun experience.

Chris Marrs? Because I know there’s more to her and I want to hear that story.


I want to definitely write more this year. Last year I wrote a lot but wasn’t as productive as the year before. I’m close to finishing draft one of Phoenix Grand Prix and have started Cloud Diver 2. I have big goals for both this year. But first..

Release the Cloud Diver.

It’s really, really close. We’re finalizing the internal stuff right now, and I got some ISBNs to buy and copyrights to finish. That’s it. This bad boy is ready to fly.

I’m already talking about it: https://onlineforauthors.org/joshua-pantalleresco/

Release Alice Zero

I have no excuse for this one. It’s ready with the exception of a logo. Not a reason to stop. I think I’m going to fix that this weekend. When it’s done, you’ll know.

There you have it. Part one of my goals since I came to Vancouver. Part 2 is my favorite seven books. It will be out soon.