How I made Adults Read Fox In Socks – My WWC Report

Fox and Socks

This is a powerful book.  This book has the power to make adults kids again.  It makes informative sessions fun, AND it makes for ideas for the future.

Let’s talk about When Words Collide.  This was my first show where I would be active in doing presentations and panels.  I was nervous about that, in a good way.  Truthfully there isn’t much that I worry about that can happen on the stage.  That all said, I love it when I feel those butterflies.  It shows I care and want to do the best I can.

My podcast panel was ridiculously fun.  I got the crowd to read from Fox in Socks.  There was even a winner of the contest!  I got to talk about podcasting and got a really good crowd – better than I expected – and we managed to engage in a very fun presentation.  It was the highlight of my weekend.

My night with Fox in Socks didn’t end there.  My association with this book germinated from a impromptu fox in socks off with Vanessa Cardui while she mastered Just Joshing Episode 100.  Thinking that I was using it and that I was going to be part of the open mic anyway, I thought I’d challenge her to a fox in socks off, and she answered, throwing down the pirate hat in response.

Vanessa won the contest, but that’s beside the point.  I had a blast and it was a lot of fun to do.  Next year I hope to do something similar to that again.

Friday didn’t just include my presentation.  It also included my panel with goodreads.  Mark Leslie, M. Jane Collette, Beverly Ackerley and someone whose name escapes me had a great back and forth and the crowd was engaged.  It made me re-evaluate my use of the system and you’ll probably be seeing my own profile on Goodreads raise.  I learned a lot and managed to contribute a lot.

Saturday I had my other panel with video games, in which I thought that I had a good angle and focus, and found myself probably the most ill-prepared.  It was a good discussion and great games like Double Dragon, Okami, Dragon Age and more were discussed and construction of games in general was brought up.  I was bringing up Thea van Diepen’s forthcoming twine game as well.  At some point next year, I’ll have to play with some gaming software.

I started doing podcast interviews Saturday as well. I managed to interview Patricia Flewelling, Suzi Vadori, Vanessa Cardui, and JM Landels on Saturday for the podcast.  They were all amazing conversations.

I attended the banquet and functioned the role of phone camera man, taking pictures for various friends for the 1920s themed gala.  It was a fun dinner.  I bailed at the autograph session as I take that opportunity to usually just catch my breath.  That night I attended a variety of parties and had a good time until it was time to head back.

Sunday I started and finished with some great conversations with Gerald Brandt, Hayden Trenholm, Mark Leslie, Nola Sarina and Jo-Anne Morcum.  Hayden was the only one I feel that got kind of short changed.  We had a great conversation but it was cut short due to factors beyond our control.

I did my last presentation on Sunday too, in which I talked about loglines.  It wasn’t as good as my podcast panel.  I needed a little more interactivity for the whole thing, and for next year if I do it again, I will have a battleplan to get the audience involved.  I heard some amazing loglines at the end of the session however.  So I like to think I did some good.

After that I spent a couple of hours at the dead dog party, in which authors gather and say hi before we go off.  At that point, we’re all kind of on fumes and kind of just going through some motions.  That said, I met quite a few amazing people and I’m still working on a few projects post con.

The biggest thing I learned?  People are starting to become aware of me, even if I’m not being met by them.  It was a strange and wonderful experience to be greeted by strangers who knew who I was.  I may not be rich and shameless, but fame is happening bit by bit.

I also learned a little bit more about my weaknesses as a presenter and will work to shore them up.  That said, I got grown men and women to read Fox in Socks.  If that’s not a victory in this life I don’t know what is.

I definitely want to thank each person I saw, met, or reconnected with again this year at When Words Collide.  I hope to see you all again next year.

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