I can honestly say June has been one of the most important months of my life.

I made a wish, and lots of things came true.

My wish?  Simply one statement.  I screamed out to God “I deserve more.” A statement, but one I meant from the bottom of my heart.  I have a decent life and do decent things, but I wanted more.  I called out for more.

It begins as the last time I majorly changed my life, with a purge.  I got rid of a large chunk of books, some games, comics and magic cards.  I’m soon going to eliminate a lot of my comics en masse.

This is a good thing.  I’m ready to let more things go.  If you know me, you know I really don’t value things the same way a lot of people do.  More importantly, I want to bet on me.  I think I can do even greater things than I have, and that means I walk away and leave behind the things that don’t matter so much to me.  Having a thing isn’t important anymore.  It’s if I can use it and enjoy it.

So that happened.  It is happening.

And this has opened more doors.  I was blessed to have a myriad of cool experiences, and opportunities came my way.  Tomorrow I take on a brand new challenge.  The week after I meet up with my publicist and we go and make an even bigger challenge happen.  I have some ideas of doing things other writers don’t do and I’m willing to make a vision happen.  It’s an exciting time.

But…if I have to think about the most important thing that happened, I think the biggest surprise was the very first thing that came to me when this all started.  You appeared. You walked right in, turning my defenses into nothing but paper mache, and somehow made me look into my own heart, terrified at what I saw there.

I discovered sides to myself I wasn’t sure were there.  I’ve become someone more than I was before this month happened.  You made me learn something about what love is, and what it really means.

And if you’re reading this, you know it.  I love you, and I’m proud of you.  And I always will be.  Thank you.

Josh Present