Just Joshing Episode 31: Craig Dilouie and Chris Marrs

Well now, it’s been a while hasn’t it?  I’ve been working non stop on not one but two major projects the last month, and have been behind on the podcast stuff.  I’m starting to make it up right here.  Here’s what I should have posted three weeks ago.

So let’s begin with the amazing team of Craig Dilouie and Chris Marrs.

You might not know it, because as far as I know, Craig and Chris have not published anything together, but you can tell after talking with them for just a few minutes that those two are a great team, and are there for each other.


Let’s begin with Chris Marrs.  Chris is someone I can admit to being a little jealous of.  It’s not because she’s an amazing writer.  Her short fiction flip book Wildwoman was published as part of Journalstone’s Double Down series.  She’s a gifted short fiction writer, but I’m not jealous of that.  I’m jealous of her ability to finish stories without much of a roadmap at all.  I was floored when she revealed that much of her writing process.  It truly makes her a rare kind of writer in the best way possible.  I can’t wait to see what she does

craig dilouie

Craig Dilouie seems to be having a blast right now.  Suffer the Children by the way is the creepiest, scariest book I’ve ever seen.  (Sorry Dirk Manning)  It is a fantastic example of what horror should be every time you read it.  Craig continues to expand his horizons and moving into different genres in his career, and he’s killing it.

It was a pleasure to talk to both of them.  Here’s a brief interview with them both.

Joshua Pantalleresco:   What are you working on right now?

Craig Dilouie:  Currently, I’m working on the fourth episode of my apocalyptic thriller series THE RETREAT, which I’m writing with Stephen Knight and Joe McKinney. After that, I’ll be writing the third episode of my CRASH DIVE historical/military thriller series, which chronicles the adventures of a lieutenant in the submarines during World War 2.

Chris Marrs:  Right now, I’m working on a long piece for Intersections: Seven Tales of Ouija Horror. The line up is fantastic: Megan Hart, Doug Clegg, Rob E. Boley, Sephera Giron, Brad Hodson, and Kerry Lipp. Also, Kealan Patrick Burke created the cover. Can you tell I’m excited about this project?

JP:  What have you guys learned about writing from each other?

CD:  Chris and I are constantly exchanging ideas and support—ways to break logjams in stories, ways to enhance stories, little bits of writing advice we pick up. The biggest thing I learned from Chris is to try to write every day.

CM:  We are very supportive of each other and their writing and, most definitely, exchange ideas and advice, which can become a bit of a debate since I’m a pantser and he’s a plotter. So, I’m attempting to strike a balance between pantsing and plotting based upon those debates.

JP:  Chris, I really dig the book format for your current one.  Are you going to continue to do novellas, or are you looking to do something bigger like a novel?

CM:  Thank you. Gene O’Neill and I have a collaborative novella we’re shopping around. It’s a different format than the DoubleDown, though.

After the Intersections story, I’d love to be able to tackle my novel.

JP:  Craig, can you tell me a bit about your newest book coming out?

CD:  I just announced publication of CHILDREN OF GOD with another horror author, Jonathan Moon. This is my first horror poetry collection. The poems are written by the survivors of a doomsday cult who talk about why they joined, what they hoped to achieve, how it all went wrong, and the night of the massacre. I’m also revising SEPARATION, an apocalyptic novel about a disease that makes people madly fall in love, then out of love, then hate, resulting in the final battle of the sexes. I’ve already started talks with a major publisher about it.

JP:   Anything you’d like to add?

CD:  Thanks for having us on your podcast, Josh!

CM:  Thanks for having us, Josh! It was a blast!



Thanks guys!

Craig Dilouie can be found on http://www.craigdilouie.com  .  You can find him on facebook at http://www.facebook.com/craig.dilouie and he can be found on twitter at @craigdilouie.

As for Chris, her facebook page can be found at http://www.facebook.com/chris.marrs.14 and her twitter can be found at @Chris_Marrs.  Go say hi.  They are great people.

As for the podcast, listen here: http://jpantalleresco.podomatic.com/entry/2016-05-22T02_23_58-07_00


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