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Before we begin, here’s a column I just posted about one of my favorite wrestling rivalries of all time.  I finally found some time to write about some wrestling feuds on the weekend, and have a few columns in hand, so I should hopefully be able to keep ahead on the column.  Click here to read about Terry Funk and Ric Flair.

Finished?  Cool.

Now let’s talk about magic.

I could make this about quite a few different kinds of magics.  But I’m not talking about the card game, the magic with the letter k.  There are two magics I want to talk about.

The first is the magic of the mind.  I remember an interview I had with a writer on this site, and he chuckled at the idea of making money in writing.  He killed the very thought of trying to make it real.

He didn’t believe it.  Never mind that his book was good.  Part of it I think was that he was happy with his day job.  But it never entered his mind that he could pursue this.

He didn’t believe it.

Lots of people don’t believe it.  Not just about writing, but acting, voice acting, music, boxing, wrestling, hockey, you name it.  There are people out there that have incredible talent.  But few believe that they can make something out of it.

Because, let’s face it, it’s hard.  Hard as nails, and brutal.  Life will force you to ask yourself just how bad you want it, because anything like this isn’t easy.  Over and over again, life tends to test you on how bad you want things.  In my own quest to be a writer, I’ve lost it all.  I’ve been ripped off, stuck in very tough situations, and lost things because I was willing to take chances other people wouldn’t.

But I’m still here.  I got two books out, a third one on the way at some point, I got comics work, representation (more on that another blog).  I’m still working at this, but I’m getting there.

One of the reasons why I interview so many people whether it’s on my podcast or on the site is because I am genuinely amazed about how much people’s visions come to reality.  I just talked about this with Metal Galaxy, but I could mention anyone – Dirk Manning, Aviva Bel’Harold, Vanessa Cardui, Riley Rossmo come to mind.  I could name more and more people.  Each of them has paid the price to make their visions, their dreams come true.  Each of these people I mentioned struggle.  Riley just finished a great run of Constantine and drew Batman for cripes sake.  Vanessa Cardui teaches kids the wonders of music and makes some of the best bardic tunes you’ll ever listen to.  Aviva is a good friend who now is published and works her butt off to get her stuff out there.  Dirk Manning is a comic book rock star.

Each and every one of these people (and the many I didn’t mention) work hard and pay prices to it.  That’s the thing about vision;  you have to be willing to give up everything to get it.  This is why I think dreams are so hard to make real.   There is a lot of work making it happen.

Yet, vision is power.  The human mind has a tendency to draw itself towards things it wants.  We sometimes have to endure a lot of obstacles as a result, but I can’t help but think about that kind of vision and dedication as the magic of perseverance.  It takes a lot of strength to say yes in a world where everyone says no.

But related to this magic is the magic of the human heart.  We are told from the very time we enter school just what is possible and what isn’t possible.  There is no Santa Claus.  Life will let you have anything you want…provided you’re good enough.   Year by year we tend to put layers of bricks on ourselves.

But the thing about our hearts I believe is that the heart never really has that limitation set in.  We have to learn about the bricks of reality from others; within ourselves, anything is possible.  I think that vision to achieve, to become, whatever you choose to be in life comes from this source of magic and power and wonder.  It gives us courage because of what we don’t know, and it’s the source of our greatest power.

Because if we don’t know if something is impossible, it doesn’t stop us from trying to make it happen.  And sometimes, we prove impossible wrong.

It’s only limitation ironically enough is experience.  We learn what we can’t do as time goes on, and create our own bricks with that.  It’s really hard to keep that child like quality of all things being possible when you go through good and bad times.  I think the biggest challenge I have entering my middle years is to keep myself open to the possibility that things can happen, and that even though my experiences haven’t panned out the way I expected them too, doesn’t mean the same for others.  We all go through our own journeys; each one of them different.  Results vary for all of us.

Finally, we live in a world with a unique sunrise every morning.  Snowflakes are all one in a lifetime.  Each moment is singular yet part of a greater whole.  There are billions of people with their own thoughts, hopes and goals and dreams.   We all exist, here, now, doing what it is we are doing on a star ship called a planet that rotates everyday, with a never ending view of the sun and moon.  We have a window of the world that has every fact on the planet available.  I can chat to people in countries far and wide.  Isn’t that in itself magical?

Magic, wonder, is all around us.  We just have to look.

Special thanks to Gisel Barre, who reminded me just how magical we all are.