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So I got to admit that this write up is a bit two fold.  First and foremost, I’m trying to see how many times I can get GW Renshaw to blush reading this.   When I first interviewed him for the podcast, I got him to blush inside of ten seconds.   I enjoyed that, and may get a kick every time I see him to do this.

But here’s a little secret:  GW may not quite be legendary, but he’s a good dude.  I always get the impression with him that he has seen and done a lot.  Perhaps the biggest compliment I can give him is that he manages to face the world with a smile.   After sixty years of being alive, he manages to do that.  I can’t help but admire that.  He’s not bitter, and there’s still a sense of wonder in this man.  Maybe I’m wrong, but I truly admire that.

GW is an actor, author and renaissance man.  We talked about a great many of his experiences on the podcast and I hope to do so again sometime.   Here’s a brief intro to the man.


Joshua Pantalleresco: What are you working on right now?

GW Renshaw:  The True Love Affair, book 4 of The Chandler Affairs. This is when the
game changes a lot. 🙂

JP:  What makes your more nervous, performing in front of a stage, or reading in a room full of authors?  Why?

GW:  That’s not a simple question. Most of the time I’m nervous before the
fact. Once I’ve started things settle down. There have been exceptions,

JP:  Tell me something about The Kalevala Affair?  I see it just came out.

GW:  Kalevala is both a poetic name for Finland and the name of their
national epic poem. After an attempt on her life, Veronica takes a job
in Europe to locate an historic artifact. She ends up being chased
around the world by a wide variety of unsavoury individuals and
determining the fate of the world. There are also volcanoes involved.

JP:  Anything you’d like to add?

GW:  Being an author is a bit of an adventure. As usual, there are a lot of
Easter eggs in my writing. The concert mentioned in The Kalevala Affair
actually happened as shown, and I’m now friends with several of the
performers and Nightwish’s music teacher. If anybody had told me this
book would lead me to being a fan of Finnish metal I’d have thought they
were nuts. Such is life.

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Thanks GW!

If you want to find out more about this man, check him out on his webpage http://www.gwrenshaw.ca.  There you will find a comprehensive look at his books, including this one, which you should read.  In fact, GW does a quick reading of this book in the podcast.  It’s great.  He can also be found on facebook here at https://www.facebook.com/GWRenshaw.

The podcast is below.  I truly enjoyed this conversation and hope you guys will too.  I want to thank GW Renshaw for his time and I hope somewhere down the road we get to do this again.